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DomiNations Starts War Against Clash of Clans!

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  1. Happy Birthday bro and good video!

  2. Happy birthday and A Happy new year..

  3. HBD

  4. I personally do not enjoy clash as much:press next 100 times and no good loot bases!!! need to go back to farming bases!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Bday man!!!!

  6. happy birthday bro ??????

  7. happy birthday! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Captai Clash more blessings to come and more people going to subscribe, no kidding

  9. when I get some better recording stuff I have pumpkin duke and really good legends

  10. its kinda stupid to quit clash only cuz of a personal break. I know its annoying but is it a reason to quit.

  11. happy birthday buddy!

  12. Shots FIRED


  14. happy birthday :3 you share it with the most important thing ever XD

  15. I will check it out. And Happy Birthday :D

  16. Ouch

  17. Clash is still way better than that stupid game

  18. Dominations was pretty fun but after a while I stopped playing it :)

  19. Happy birthday and nice vid!!!!

  20. like:D

  21. ?? also happy birthday

  22. happy birthday 😀 I hate all these clash knock off games >.<

  23. Town Hall 11 (TH11) Bases
    Town Hall 10 (TH10) Bases
    Town Hall 9 (TH9) Bases
    Town Hall 8 (TH8) Bases
    Town Hall 7 (TH7) Bases
    Town Hall 6 (TH6) Bases
    Town Hall 5 (TH5) Bases
    Town Hall 4 (TH4) Bases
    Town Hall 3 (TH3) Bases

  24. Clash deserves it

  25. Happy Birthday!!

  26. bang bang pow gun bang pow shoot shoot bang xD HAPPY BDAY! Happy New Yearz

  27. Happy birthday ?

  28. happy birthday man, and ive been clanless for awhile now. And id love to join your clan, But anyway happy new years and happy birthday my friend :)

  29. congratulations. ^^

  30. you play castle clash I'm gonna start a YouTube channel about it in a couple months

  31. great vid bro! haopy bday 🙂 and yea clashes break sucks lol

  32. Happy birthday and good vid keep up good work

  33. Happy Birthday ^-^ also pekkas will destroy their puny states

  34. Haha Nice

    Happy Birthday Captain Clash !!

  35. bang bang