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DON’T USE THESE BASES! 3 Internet Th11 Bases & How to 3 STAR THEM! [Clash Of Clans]

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  1. How to crush a clans spirit 101

  2. Can you do this for TH 9

  3. Nice Video though!

  4. the girl scream made my mother ask me if I was watching porn!!

  5. Nice vid Ash! Loved the little screams from the unsightly bases. lol.

  6. Nice video! Man! Your the best youtuber everrrr! Wanna know why?

    1.No Misleading Title
    2. No Tags in the description
    3. You makes videos because you love it
    4. You don't care about the view
    5. Original!!

  7. or the bloods way… but puts a pic of the crips ??

  8. Please do TH10 Strategy!

  9. wow I never expected the bloods-crip joke from ash

  10. Please dont start adding pictures and SFX in like godson

  11. Nice video

  12. Ash !! I'm facing a clan war right now with the #1 of them using exactly the ring base layout for TH 11 ! Thank you very very very much for this tips !

  13. thumbs up for ash!

    help me hit 3,000 subs 😀

    I'll sub back to everyone!

  14. i have a question im a th9 and all my defense are maxed except my air sweapers and walls i only need my valks to max out but other then that im maxed and my heroes are 21 combined queen 10 king 11 were should i farm and is there a better strategy then go barch cuz i kind of have to find dead bases to get loot

  15. "Dixie chicks"

  16. Hey buddy

  17. Nice additions of the overlays Ash :)

  18. Hey ash, I have a lv 20 king and 23 queen and feel like I'm a pretty good player. What elite nation clan would best suit me? Thanks

  19. He is a boss

  20. Your da best bro ;)