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Double Poison for Killing Clan Castle Troops? (Post-TH11 Strategy)

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  1. Hey pb, I love using the double poison, have been using it since the update!

  2. Hi powerbang, as someone else mentioned, I think the mechanics work like this: the poison dps effect increase over time. If you chain the spells so that a troop is constantly affected, then the dps will increase to the max and stay there for the duration. If there is a break between spells, the dps scale will start over again. So two level 3 poisons used on a max dragon might not kill it if dropped separately, while a level 2 and 1 can take it out if chained properly. It may also be important to use the higher level spell first, to maintain the higher dps throughout the duration.

  3. Will 2 level 2 poison spells kill a max dragon?

  4. I used a level 2 poison and a level 2 in my castle and it worked!

  5. I have always managed to kill the cc troop with just 3Wiz 5Barba 1Archer without any poison spell. The extra spell for cc I would bring Haste as an additional to speed up my killing squad.

  6. Good way for th8s to counter this is to have a cc that isn't easily lurable with 25 archers/barbs/goblins. They will waste a lot of troops trying to lure cc

  7. Can you please make a feeder clan so I can see some lower level th8 raids?

  8. How did you do to change your clan name?

  9. It really bums me out how poison basically eliminated dangerous CCs from the game, double poison just takes that to the next level.

  10. That is why hound is the best CC troop :D

  11. yeah the double poison is definitely a huge help! I use it in my hog raids as a the and it saves me a lot of ks troops

  12. I take out Pekka all the time with 2 Poison spells when I'm attacking. (idk if it makes a difference) but I usually drop 1 spell and allow it to get its full use, then drop the next immediately after. At the very end of the 2nd poison the Pekka always dies.

  13. +Powerbang Gaming

    Do you think that using 25 archers or barbs in the cc would be decent now? Assuming more people start using double poison to take out dragloon?

    Or would you stick with other high health cc instead?

  14. I don't know if you communicate with the top Coc you tubers but I'm wondering does general consensus think Clash can survive this? Game has dropped from 4.5 stars on App Store to 3 stars. It's flooded with negative reviews? Any idea what the devs are thinking?

  15. If you know there is not a hound in the cc, always use the double poison as a th10. I have tried this several times now and it works great. This brings much more than an extra freeze would. Even with double poison plus quake you still have 2 rages and a freeze left. If there is a hound in the cc use 3+1 quake.

    If you are doing a GoWiPe or GoHo attack at th8 I would use 3+1 quake and deal with the cc troops with barbs and wizards in the corner. The difference to a th10 attack is that with th8 gowipe or goho you would only have 1 spell left for the rest of the attack after the quake and double poison which is not enough.

    On a th8 hog attack I would use the double poison because haste does not give a big advantage especially if you are using a surgical deployment style where hogs dont move very far and compared to a GoWiPe or GoHo attack you do not only loose your barbs, but also your wizards cant be used for your attack after the cc kill. Since double poison I use 36+5 hogs on a mass hog attack which makes it extremely easy as long as you dont dump the whole group in a giant bomb. The more hogs you have the more you can spread out your deployment.

  16. yup, no more dragloon in CC
    back to hound, which is pretty useless as a 9 cc defense

  17. Hey @Powerbang Gaming. I'm in a warclan and they always want the th9's to attack as soon as possible in war. Is this also a rule in your clan? Why is it or isn't it? Thanks!

  18. So 2x posion spell stack?

  19. Too bad this game just sucks now. Unless you are a war guy or a gemmer

  20. what if i drop a L3 and max poison at the same time. or do i have to wait a few seconds before i drop the second poison?

  21. With double Poison at TH8, Hogging is boss

  22. Hey powerbang can you make another video to show the minimum level of the poison spells to kill a max drag ?

  23. My clan and I have been using this for 2 weeks and we've noticed if you drop both spells right after the other for some reason the dragon will survive (lv 4 + Lv 1 spells) with a sliver of health but if you wait just a second or 2 in between it dies every time (I give it 5 seconds to be save personally)

  24. LOL I want to upgrade my poison spell but I have lava hounds to start upgrading after 2 days XD

  25. so, would it be better for a th8 to have:
    25 archers
    1 pekka
    1 drag and 1 loon in their cc?