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Dungeon Hunter 5 – Stronghold Domination!

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  1. looks exactly like a poor knockoff of diablo 3

  2. hey there chief pat,are you going to post anymore videos to your second channel? if not i'm unsubcribing to your 2nd channel since no content is being uploaded

  3. The crossbow is longranged

  4. Yes ur playing it

  5. is this game on the ioveratedpotatoe 27s plus

  6. Vain glory is better

  7. how ar eu even enjoying this game -_-

  8. I stopped playing this for a while but I might do it again! It's a fun game!

  9. This game sucks. Play CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3 instead

  10. ✌out

  11. all gameloft games is pay to win

  12. ILIKE


  14. Not available in the US

  15. :3

  16. for noobs

  17. educational vid

  18. bro nice

  19. Should I spend my gems on gear chests or stronghold chests?

  20. is this game is it worth playing?

  21. Is this game fun?

  22. Like for no reason

  23. Is This Free?

  24. Why no ROYALE vids

  25. This is going to be the top comment.

  26. happy birthday

  27. nice

  28. Nice

  29. hello

  30. اول ??

  31. 1

  32. Pat, you said earlier in your sneak peek video that you would upload another later in the day with more bowler gameplay. When is that coming?

  33. life* kk

  34. bbk

  35. it's my birthday today ?????