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EE War Recap #94 | 3 Star War Raids | Clash of Clans

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  1. The two th9 ko th10 attacks are crazy!!!!

  2. Nice raid by my leader himself Blane! ;)

  3. why do you upgrade your walls first, any reason for it?

  4. yo man is there anyway I can apply to join ur clan ? :)

  5. Heals works better on a densely packed region of defenses than rages, due to slow attack rate of balloons. The moving speed is not the limit.

  6. what a ridiculous match up… not really fun

  7. Really good to see townhall 10s nice job

  8. Hardy doing a Hell…! Nice man!

  9. oh my god… This is just amazing! 0:

  10. Not calling anyone out but looks like some people in your clan use xmod

  11. Dang bro

  12. what did your clan think about One attack rule?

  13. Great Vid Matty !