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Electric Eights: TH8 War Raids #9 + LIVE Raid

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  1. As a th8 how can we 3 star an anti hog base?

  2. Can you upload more videos with TH9 attacks when Royals are still low level. Low meaning level 10 to 15.

  3. Hey pb, long time watcher. check out my clan Reddit Havoc (lvl 9), would love to set up an arranged war with rising. We recently merged with the clan called Hogs Squad and between us we have lots of th8's and 9's spread out between our alt's. Let me know and I can give you a spreadsheet of our war weights and we can try to set something up.

  4. More th8

  5. Wow. Never thought I was gonna see PB doing normal raids. Its nice to see a change from all war attacks to some normal trophy hunting raids. 🙂 Please. do some more of these kind of videos. Its good to have a variety on the channel. It gives the regular visitors like me the chance to learn and enjoy the contents more. Thumbs up again :)

  6. Awesome Th8 action GIMME GIMME MORE!!!

  7. do an arranged war, rising vs lethal eight.. :p

  8. its been long, you havent done live attack .hope to see it more frequently bro

  9. I dont get much of a chance with the clan Im in to keep up with th8 strats for my other account, so I like vids like this, thanks

  10. Really appreciate, PB! nice selection of TH8 attacks. Can't even ask for more, but will give it a shot, maybe one or two more videos with TH8 attacks? When your wife is asleep and you are almost asleep too if that is not too much to ask :)

  11. I like this, do more

  12. Love these Electric Eights video! TH 8 is definitely my favourite Town Hall level, so much variety – As you showed in this video ?? More of it please PB!

  13. love the vid PB! thanks for mentioning that we welcome TH9s! love the attacks in WHF vs 2.0! always learning great stuff from WHF

  14. love the th8 action

  15. feed us more gr8 vid pb

  16. What does everyone think is best in CC for defense on th8 or th9?

  17. Really love the th8 videos – the attacks may not be as elaborate as the higher lvl stuff, but a lot of ppl arnt at th9 yet, so these also serve as great practice tutorials for ppl getting into 3 star strats.

  18. we have 6-5 strong th8s and could put in whatever th9s we would need..even th8.5s

  19. does all your th8 use anti3s? and does rising every face alot of anti3s? having a hard time getting my boys to us anti 3s..all they see is there bases stopping goiwpes..we have a few th9s mostly th8s but weaker ones..prob be hard to match .most we can run is 20v20 hard to find good peeps

  20. Hey have you heard FineBros are trying to trademark these: "react", "opinion" and "gaming"… so if you are making any video on these topics you're going to either pay them licencing fees or get banned from youtube (and other streaming services)?
    Please do some investigation on this and make a video on this topic… they have been bullying little channels for while now… but this time they have aimed for too much!! please up vote this do that PB can see it!

  21. would a family scrim where the teams are split into attack with only air and only ground be viable? cuz it sounds like a cool idea

  22. can you join my clan and help us please

  23. Powerbang, did WFH2 hunt Team WBT?

  24. Really appreciated the Th8 content man. Keep it up!

  25. Hey PB! I love the elite 8!!!!! I heard you mentioned that they don't have anyone to arrange with, and I'm sure his clan might be more of a WHF style as far as TH9's, but the guy Clash of Clans w/Dan is a really really underrated youtuber. Watching his channel was like watching yours when you just started, I keep saying "WHY ARE THERE NOT MORE SUBS/VIEWS?!?!" – I know spotlights are for the clans who pay to have you come in and I think that is awesome. I'm not asking for you to show them on your channel, but personally just give them a look. The guy seems pretty freaking cool and I'm sure he'd love to chat with you about anything he can do to get more subs b/c it's people like you guys that need to be on the forefront of this game. Some youtubers start posting other games after a million subs, change their channel, but hey… it pays the bills. But you guys have been awesome, listened to your subs, reply, comment, the works.

    Again, no need to post a video or anything, but just give the guy a look! I'm sure he'd greatly appreciate a comment or something. I wish I could say he was a fellow ball player, but I got no idea haha. Heck maybe you guys could even do a war with them or something, okay… novel over :). Have a good one PB, your videos are making more and more bases look like a 2-0 co** shots that haven't landed yet haha.

  26. when he said wife and that time of the month… lmfao

  27. Our clan is up for a war we have about 5 th9s and about 15 th8s a couple of th10s as well CLAN NAME IS Kings Of BD

  28. loved the electric eight series! thanks for keeping it alive. Just hit TH9 so I'm looking forward to watching more videos on th9 strat too

  29. More th8??plz

  30. Govalo is really fun one of my favorite attacks

  31. Talk to galodon he has a th8 war clan called full attack!!!!

  32. awesome stuff pb

  33. PowerBang for president