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ELITE CLAN WAR! Clash of Clans Great Clan War Moments!

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  1. just wanted to say thax nick for bieng the only clash of clans video makers that I'm aloud to watch. stay were u r don't cuss and keep bieng my favorite youtuber. and also can u plz make more clash videos than u do´╗┐

  2. just so u know with the Treasury any loot that can't go to your storages stays within your treasury so that thing with the pekka isn't needed´╗┐

  3. hey nick, just to let you know, when you collect your treasury and you get max resources the remaining resources stay in your CC, they dont get burned. ­čÖé love the vids. :)´╗┐

  4. Yo nick´╗┐

  5. Watch and react to a YTP´╗┐

  6. +nickatnyte What do you do for a job nick, I need to know so I can consider a
    career that gives me free time.´╗┐

  7. like the intro´╗┐

  8. Alatian could've gotten that 3 star if he had sacrificed a dragon for some wall breakers and balloons, and have the king and queen in the beginning to take out both air defenses on the right.´╗┐

  9. can max th 8 join? but i kust need my walls and 2 more troops.´╗┐

  10. Lol Nick, if you collect your treasury while your storages are full the excess will hug remain in the treasury, no need to queue troops XD´╗┐

  11. how long does a posion spell last??????´╗┐

  12. Excess loot in the treasure is just simply left in the treasury… not deleted.´╗┐

  13. FINALLY!!! a Coc video :)´╗┐

  14. if you watch the pekka at the beginning of your 3 star attack, she doesn't do any damage against that wall?´╗┐

  15. Finalllyyyyyp´╗┐

  16. Can you make me a intro nick?´╗┐

  17. If you have more loot in your cc than what your storage will hold the remaining loot will stay in your cc until collected again.´╗┐

  18. It's about time u make a clash of clans video´╗┐

  19. You should stream on kamkord´╗┐

  20. Nick!! The treasury won't waste. If your storage is full it'll just keep it in there for you´╗┐

  21. FINALLY DUD´╗┐

  22. When is clash royal cooking out´╗┐

  23. so how come you stopped streaming on kamcord?´╗┐

  24. clash of clans is what I want to see´╗┐

  25. Nick if u collect your treasury and u max your storage it saves the rest in your treasury and if u are looking to take up as much space as possible with troops in the barracks the wall breaker is the best low housing Space and costs a lot´╗┐

  26. how is 2 staring th11s a elite clan war…´╗┐

  27. Nick you do realise if you collect treasury with full storages, it keeps rest of loot in treasury that isn't in storages. no need for your "method"´╗┐

  28. nick the enemy clan "oi gamiades" it mean the fackers they are from greece´╗┐

  29. When collecting loot from the treasury it only tops your storages until they are full, it doesn't overflow.´╗┐

  30. Great video as always Nick.:D Been missing the CoC vids, glad to get another one from you.:D´╗┐

  31. When your max on elixer the rest is going back to the Cc´╗┐

  32. "oi gamiades" in greek means "the fuckers"´╗┐

  33. clash royale is global hype´╗┐

  34. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????´╗┐

  35. Nick, wall breakers are the highest cost per space troops´╗┐

  36. U can't waist elixir like that anymore. Excess just stays in the treasury lol´╗┐

  37. you make the game look easier…..´╗┐

  38. watch the pekka at 6:48. what afail´╗┐

  39. If your treasury is over the limit it will just keep in what is left after storages are full´╗┐

  40. Please do not call two starring bad th11 bases an "elite war". Thanks.´╗┐

  41. 3 minuets? earliest I've been!´╗┐

  42. whats up Nick!?´╗┐

  43. I bet you a million dollars PayPal you won't reply´╗┐

  44. Clash Royale is fun but so many early players already have baby dragon/mini P.E.K.K.A.´╗┐

  45. Yes´╗┐

  46. LOL´╗┐