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Emphatic Elite vs Cold September | TH10 Raids | Elite Arranged War

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  1. Were those to red lines in your log modders hunting you?

  2. Matty, in 11:18 you asked whether the AQ is in range of the Air Defense in the core, she is actually not. AQ has a 5 tile range, but that AD is 6 tiles away – wall (1 tile) + DE Storage (3 tiles) + 1 tile gap + AD = 6 tiles. An easy way to determine whether a building is in range is to see whether the furthest building from a wall is 3 tiles away (or use a 3 tiles building as a measurement). I hope my explanation is understandable!

    P/S: IF I'm not mistaken, the Eagle or the Army Camps actual target range is 1 tile inner from it's actual tile size (not sure how to explain this without using an image!), so you have to take that into account when doing Queen Walks.

  3. Y is everyone in Emphatic Fury?

  4. Revved up, great attack

  5. Nice wizard towers covering the ad, noob base building there

  6. I see your th 10 and 11 r not great at war attacks. Just would like to point out that eagle thing activates after 120 or 150 troop space. There spamming bad

  7. matty plz dont show the 2 star attacks they r not very interesting. and also make ure vids into more number of parts so that the videos dont get too long coz many ppl dont hav all the time to see these vids.

  8. Matty, your comment at 18 min 22 and subsequent question, I didn't mean to keep that healer. All healers were supposed to go on queen. I was forced to use rage early because of it. I realized I had the healer left when the queen locked onto the town hall. No point adding to queen as she was heading for the inferno so I improvised and put on king at end …. hey, it worked, lol.

  9. SHESHE. ??

  10. losses are to be presented to the Chinese clans matty

  11. Nice thumbnail! How did u make it?

  12. Matty

  13. Marty is a great youtuber so ?

  14. great vids keep up