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Emphatic Elite vs Onehive | TH9 Raids | Clash of Clans

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  1. woooooooooooohooooook

  2. 46:32 – yes matty, once upon a time you could lure heroes in a war … :p

  3. Good job to OH for kicking.

  4. champion matty

  5. You'll get 100,000 subscribers soon! No doubt you got it Matty!

  6. Tell my clan about your vids every time they ask for tips, good luck with 100k for 2016. Im sure with your dedication and "how-to" knowledge that you'll grow way past 100k… :P

  7. Congrats on the win Matty! -UGM Gaming War

  8. Congrats on the win Matty! -UGM Gaming War

  9. a really good move by EE to even the matchup by holding a th10 from attacking

  10. Nice war guys ☺

  11. Ah was waiting for it….epic win mate

  12. I love the bluecoops! I also did one

  13. An hats off for taking down the OH was this first ever war between the OH an EE

  14. yea! lel where was that "BlueCube" Strategie?!

  15. Good luck for ur 100k subs tgt budds

  16. If that penta was a clean up I'd be VERY suspicious! Looks like he new the outcome :/

  17. Lol I remember luring heroes… I was a very rushed th8 with all gold walls lol really a throwback to the past huh

  18. TH9 is also getting easier because people get more creative

  19. One hive xmod anyways nothing new, they are hillbilly's with annoying voices

  20. HAhahaa finnaly Alpha Gill post a pic with Imod orange stuff lol I wait for Asap Auzzy who is obviously modding to get caught now lol It's funny cauz he never fails and then on this war he fails 2 times lol just to be less suspicious

  21. 'So much practice at it' you subtly saying you mod? heheheh

  22. Just a suggestion, but could you pick , say the top 5 raids, and mention those in the comments section and what time they feature. I love watching your videos but sometimes as you have mentioned they are too long…and I think this would be a good solution to that. Thanks (Y)

  23. Matty I just became a th8.5 what troops should I upgrade first

  24. "We got Van taking out Dutchy"
    Lol Matt :)

  25. Clashing with matty: What would you say for a TH9 with 15:13 b:q, with all lego walls moderate defences and nearly max lab. What should I upgrade

  26. Yesss

  27. Good luck on 100k subs and nice video

  28. Haha, onehive member caught modding! Shows that closet modding is a thing in FP wars. Drives the other closet modders deeper into the closet.