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Engineered Bases :: Beyond the Controversy in Clash of Clans

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  1. what is engineered whatever

  2. winterfell gods never lost war

  3. I've played online games with matchmaking for years, across many different platforms – (PC, Xbox, PS, Mobile), and CofC is the first game I've ever played where tricking the matchmaking system in order to gain a significant advantage is not blatantly considered cheating. I often hear "people are just being smart," or "the game makers made it that way (or left it open)" as excuses for cheaters. The fact that any player feels the need to tilt the normal matchmaking system in their favor and thus gain a SIGNIFICANT advantage speaks for itself about the actual skill of those players. It is however quite comical to think of the countless time these low-lifes spend trying to exploit an imperfect system of a mobile game. If only they put equivalent effort into something of worth (other than personal entertainment). Please don't make excuses for these players that rely on tricks and not skill. It's not being smart, it's not cool, and players that rely on engineered bases and clans hide behind their lack of skill in the game.

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  5. It may not technically be cheating but it is a bullshit way to war. I don't see how they can be so proud of their war streak when they are offensively overpowering everyone they come against because of the way they choose to upgrade. Again not cheating but I wouldn't be bragging about the streak.

  6. Shouldn't you be in finland? Why do you need to email a dev, when you could just talk to them?

  7. heres the thing, you should be able to 3 star an engineered base. For example a th11 enginneered would make his base hard for a th9 but it can be done. you should have some in case th9s fail but its not fun nuking bases war after war without competition like in engineered clans.

  8. Hey ash, you have amazing contents in every video. I have been your sub since before the first clashcon. I know most would say I am being smart alec with this comment but the way mentioned in the video of calculating war weights is partly incorrect. Before, you only had the 4 storages and add 1000. You added the 1000 because the town hall made up that 1k. But now the town hall makes up 1/5 of your total "gold" weight. So you just need to add the 4 storages+ the town hall. You do not need the extra 1000 because the town hall weight is already taken into consideration. I know this extra detail is inane if you do it for all the bases on both sides but if both side were to use different calculation, the result can be that the arrange war does not ever take place. That is all I wanted to say.

    Love the content and I always look forward to your video everyday!

  9. If you do not build weapons for defense, but has a home, you house on high. (th10-11)
    you do not build the stupid gun for protection.
    You should see your opponent Same house

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  11. Does that 103 win streak reflect skills?no….

  12. Joining a clan that abuses the system to get easy matchups? No thanks ?

  13. Your war weight is present for each individual war. It's measured like if your base in war holds 60k gold and 60k elixir with 200 dark elixir then your war weight is 60.2

  14. I don’t have problem with engineer bases as these players take a huge hit in multiplayer. Also the players that tend to complain are often rushers that max out their defenses but their offenses/heroes seriously lack compared to their defense. I see far more TH10/11 bases with lvl 3 xbows and lvl 2-3 infernos in war but have teen heroes and crappy offenses.  Why should I be penalize because I focus to match my offense with my defense but joe who ever blew his load all on defense.
    Plus why punish people who know how to play the game?  Most likely if you played the game for a while you have a mini account. Your first account was probably rushed and your 2nd account was probably tailor to the style you want to play.

  15. The win streak means nothing. They just match with a bunch of weaker opponents. it's not cheating but it's nothing to be proud of or to be admired.

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  17. Ash great video, I hate clans like this there basically the new modders in my opinion. When your basically creating a huge advantage like having multiple bases with troops your oppenent does not have its the definition of unfair. It's lame it's cheap and just because it does not violate the tos it doesn't make it right. War is no longer about skill it's about who has the most .5 bases its getting ridiculous and it will just get worse . Just like modding got worse and worse it will only stop if supercell does something. U should not have to do crazy things to get fair matchups these guys are ruining the fun of wars.

  18. How do you only have a few subscribers you are good at making YouTube videos

  19. The mechanics of the match-up/weight allow it, therefore it needs to be fixed. One stopgap solution is to cap a war base weight minimum to that of a maximum weight of the TH below. If th9 max was 69k, then no th10 shall weigh less than that. A th11 would have a minimum of a max th10 weight (instead of a th6-7) which would make this much less attractive and less advantageous. It allows for a .5 mentality without enabling these egregious strategies and encourages a more balanced attack/defense which is more in line of game expectations.

  20. I only allow low level bases into my clan for wars while I have a max Town hall 9 sometimes it works sometimes it don't

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  22. Great to see another CoC video pal! And an inspiring video for us snaller channels for sure! Great job

  23. why you don't show in your channel miners lvl1 3 starring a max th10 so? why you don't show lvl 1 bowlers 3 starring a max th11? attack ALWAYS were more important than defenses in this game, thats why leveling your troops take do much more time than only 3 builders working on defenses . a clan that have players who evolve their defenses before their troops DESERVE TO LOSE ALL THE TIME EVER AND EVER. again, i'm against these level 1 cannon bases, but change the game for the retards win wars is ridiculous.

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  25. hey ash i think der is one way to atleast cover some of these things…i think lower town halls should be able to use troops of higher th level.. like a th9 shouldnt be allowed to use bowlers in war. its really unfair to people who doesnt have access to these troops.

  26. In over 400 wars we have never been against an engineered clan. I would enjoy the competition. We can 3 star so it would be pretty even at the end.

  27. If these guys are so good, then they wouldn't have to rig matchups. Their win streak might as well have an asterisk next to it.

  28. technically not cheating but nothing impressive about this at all. Someone on the forums had a good idea – once you upgrade to the next townhall, your war weight should equal at minimun the previous townhall max war weight. ie. A th9 should have at minimum same war weight as a max th8! Supercell listen! This fixes this problem and even gets supercell more money since that's more important to them.

  29. your word is true ash. but a cheat is a cheat. there are 2 types cheats. the first 1 the illegal cheat…..
    2 the legal cheat…. (consist of engineered bases)

    for me whatever types of cheat you are using, a cheat will remain a cheat. it isn't a skill.

  30. well said Ash… stop doin mirror attack strategy base on the same number spot… only farm clan, base pushers are complaining because they dont understand and their gameplay is bad. your pushers so stop destroying the real war community that base their account on war

  31. I don't think its cheating it is just the system of the game … Once you know how the system works people will eventually find a away to take advantage over that.. That happens in every game they buff something all the players will start using that troop or champion or whatever ..

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  33. Clash of clan mm is broken. These are more or less engineered base only.

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  35. I don't see the point or the funny, full max th11 against th10 it's not funny and it's not a real war it's so stupid to do this that's means this clan it's really bad