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Epic SPELLS and TROOPS FAIL | Clash of Clans | Townhall 11 War attack

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  1. Hey kas, on your attack, charge in with the queen at 4 o clock and let her go out at 5 o clock, break in at 6 o clock. Now eq the wall next to the king and mageturret on 3:40 o clock and go in with 2-3 golems and with witches and mages and bbking and warden. Thats for me every time 3 stars in the wild. – rest spells 2 rage and 1 freeze and 2 poison. you can use 1-2 rage fpr the queen charge, but better 1 and queen ability if needed. gl with that strat bro. great vid

  2. Lolololol. U just made my day.

  3. 6th lol