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Ethical Upgrading: TH 8.5/9.5/10.5 – What to Upgrade When (Clash of Clans)

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  1. Ethical upgrading… I like it. Nice video

  2. to put all of that simply in the end the can only hurt you half as bad as you can hurt them. why complain about the 3 they can get off you, when you can get 6 off of them… that "mentality" will hopefully aid those struggling.. I'm not an "expert" by any mean of the word… but I am successful in clan wars. Hope this helps

  3. I'm currently in a war going against an engineered base I'm a (new 8.5) have been a die hard war player since th4 I have lvl 3 valks and max heal with 10/5 hero's… this guy has a th10 with max govaho troops and spells with 15/15 hero's th7 def and lvl 10 walls… since I max every th I don't see a problem crushing this base but the problem is real and needs to be addressed… I'm not using a .5 to exploit the game just taking th9 slow… my overall point it's these engineered bases are only as good as the attacker using them in my exp they not as big of a threat as many people claim they are as long as you max and have enough war exp.. I'm BRUTUS clan BigLootyWitches lvl9 with a near 10:1 win/loss ratio… don't give in to these exploits prove them wrong.. and theres my 2 cents

  4. Hey, just wondering, when you say to max most stuff, both offensive and defensive before upgrading from a TH9 to TH10, are you suggesting to max the hero's to lv 30? I only ask as all my defense is maxed in TH9 other than walls, and my offence only requires the hero's and my DE troops to be upgraded. Makes for alot of DE farming atm, but Id like you opinion on it. Thanks in advance.
    Fast Lane Fry

  5. This was perfect timing for me…almost ready to jump to TH10. Thanks for a well thought out perspective on this 0.5 deal

  6. nice contents. i sub you

  7. "ethical" like really is that the term you are gonna use? damn that's so FP nazi right there. it's not unethical if Terms of the game allow it. I agree on the content on the video but you sre just wrong tagging those who do that as unethical players.
    " is ok being .5 as long as you are not exploiding the system too much" so the game does not say is wrong but you set the standard and the limits of what is ethical and what exploits the system in a degree you are not mad or what?

  8. Im afraid of dropping the x-bows because I'm almost always upgrading both heroes at once. I know upgrading both heroes at once isn't necessary but Im afraid the defeses will catch up too quickly if Im not upgrading both at once.

  9. Agreed with all your points here.

    I think the main thing people need to ask themselves is what exactly they want from playing Clash and being in clan wars. Do they want a fair, competitive matchup where both sides are completely even and the outcome of the war depends solely on skill? Then avoid having engineered bases and try to have even arranged matchups. Do they care more about "winning" and stacking up easy wins to achieve a high war win streak? Then go ahead and resort to exploiting the system as much as possible through means such as engineering/modding/etc.

    Personally I am the kind of player that prefers the former, but I can understand the mindset of people who run engineered bases.

  10. You can hate on engineered bases, but you won't get rid of it. Engineering is not against Supercell's policy.
    So it's here to stay. If Supercell doesn't like this engineering in clash, they would have to restrict the townhall of upgrading limited by "weight". But that sounds like hard work.

  11. Hey you made it! Thanks so much :D

  12. should upgrade clan castles very early at th 8.5 / 9.5. id say that should be first. get hi level golems in cc.

  13. Good video, btron. Is there a recommended order that a 9.5 should (A) add new TH10 defenses (ex. infernos and 3rd xbow), (B) upgrade teslas, (C) upgrade AD's, (D) upgrade other defenses? You seemed to lump A/B/C together, but I'm wondering how much weight the new defs add relative to maxing out teslas/AD's.

    I'm currently a newish 9.5 (32/30) waiting for the right time to drop my new AT and cannon. Traps are almost maxed, upgrading new walls to lava is still a work in progress.

  14. my whole clan is .5 so i cant be a real 10 or i will get kicked

  15. Great vid dude

  16. I do the .5 way of upgrading but i have to say it seems like the only people complaining about engineered bases" what i think is mostly rushed basses doing the only option they have" are the people that paid to get there bases up to th11 fast and now they can't go back and build there bases that way! and i don't see that this is an ethical problem if everyone upgraded there base the same, war would be boring using the same attack over and over and over again. also this does not seem to be a problem but with the top clans!

  17. Very disappointing that you don't look at things from a big point of view. You say SC has to something against ''Engineerd bases'' because ppl complain and whine and you ''feel'' there are a few more engineerd around these days.

    It's funny how people never mention the sacrifices that come with those bases or the fact that it's a hell to farm those up. But no, it's easier to cry about losing and screaming ''it's not fair''. You know what is not fair, telling people how to play their game and forcing your ideas of what is fair on to them.

  18. spot on, as always

  19. Aw, we would never write mean comments! I really like your content.

  20. Isnt that clash with brad clan?

  21. I am a max 11 with max TH9 defenses. I wouldn't upgrade defenses for anything.

  22. Can u do a th 7.5

  23. Until Supercell fixes the " engineered bases" I'm going to keep my base engineered. That way I can help my clan in clan wars. Myself, I'm against the engineered bases. But, in order to help my clan in clan wars I'm going all offensive. I'm even thinking about keeping my defenses at TH8 level and upgrade my town hall, troops, lab, and spell factories to TH11. Just my thoughts.

  24. If everyone did ethical upgrading it would be fine. But other clans are still gonna engineer their bases so other clans have to do it just to simply keep up. (if you cant beat them, join them)

  25. You talk about getting "too close to engineered" like its a terrible thing..taking the game and fairness to its limits is what separates the people who want to win from those who dont. Never has been a bad thing.

  26. What are your thoughts on walls?

  27. I have 15/16 level heroes, all lvl 9 walls, and max defenses. I don't know about you but heroes take time to upgrade when farming for DE. I'm panning on maxing heroes then moving to TH 10. In reality you'll have max defenses before reaching max lvl heroes in TH 9 unless you but gems…


  29. Hey Bisec i am a 15/15 64K Th9 with Th8 level defenses and lv1 xbows, 90 – lv10 walls. Maxed war troops, should i upgrade my cannons since they are getting a buff? Was waiting till 20/20, to start Uging point defences and then at 25/25 do splash and 30/30 xbows. Doing walls ATM

  30. i just bougth xbows now.. and i have 20 level queen and 18level king!!
    only lava is not upgraded all other dark troops are done

  31. Hogs ,valcs,lavas and golems* as well imo

  32. nice channel with quality videos! you deserve more subs and views than you have!

  33. I'm about to go to 8.5. Should I get the 4thAD straight away? Then I won't get wrecked by double Zapquake Dragons

  34. Wont the healers attracting sams bring dragons back to th9? Like an attacker starts of with a queen charge to get a couple of airdefenses and some point defenses too and on his way to do so he can use the healers to seek up sams which will give alot more chance for drag attacks?

  35. thanks for the suggestions