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EXPLODING CUPS! – Clash of Clans – Trophy Push to Legends is Officially Back!

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  1. Pls everyone check my channel out

  2. The valks actually werent nerfed.

  3. How do record

  4. They' didn't nerd the valks, you have to protect them from splash dmg such as giant bombs

  5. Use wall breakers and not jump spells that way you can use a heal with them

  6. on the last raid both multi infernoes & the golom killed the valkaries. They didnt get nerfed

  7. Coleson quit clash to

  8. What is you favourite troop in the game

  9. Don't tell him how to use valks he's like the fucking King of clash of clans bro he's awesome can't wait for he's next video ?

  10. Could you snipe the town hall with max earthquake spells

  11. ههههههههه

  12. Srry but ur dumm bring heal spell and take of one jump spell

  13. I was just going to enter the gold league but supercell made a break for 45minutes.That was so disgusting.

  14. CQOTD: What are the key things on getting to titan?

  15. The valks got the splash from the golem exploding wite :D

  16. 8:39 wow the warden was still standing when he was upgraded

  17. 1 freeze and a heal newb. Using wrong spells…. Easy 3 star when done right

  18. lol you sound like such an idiot saying valks were nerfed hahaha

  19. so many ppl quitting clash of clans after clash royale

  20. If you quit clash of clan and clash royale what are you gonna play

  21. cough cough your mom

  22. CQOTD: if coc and clash royale didn't exist, would you consider making videos on another game or would you not have started your Yt channel? If so what game would it be and why

  23. valks are too op but golem messed it up by exploding in the 3rd raid

  24. CQOTD: Do you think that Supercell should bring the 100% league Bon s one percent down to 69% instead of 70%????

  25. CQOTD: will you face coleson comedy? and are u salty u lost to can

  26. pls Cant you make me a intro just like your intro My name is AwesomeDude24 pls

  27. Hi MYSTLC. Cam ain't Quitting Clash of Clans 'totally'. He just thinks it's not fresh anymore. I hope he continues playing it, not always, but still makes a 'few' videos about it. He just wants to play some other games too, other then CoC on hi's channel ;-). Am I right?

  28. in last raid valks died bcz of golem exploding and giant bombs

  29. why don't you try and show us the bowler walk strategy..??

  30. how could open chat ?you was attacking i thinked that not possible

  31. CQOTD:- could u play another games on a different hardware system like Xbox and other system u have and play a game called far cry primal without quitting coc ?!!

  32. they died because of the golem

  33. i thought u were gonna drop LOLOLOL

  34. Well you suck at attacking

  35. you attack 1st player in the world

  36. CQOTD: Can you finally change that annoying fagget intro music into some more epic song?

  37. CQOTD : Any comments on cam quitting clash??

  38. Hello guys, I've recently created a clash of clans YouTube channel. If you could check it out and subscribe, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  39. please upgrade yor barraks to lev 10