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Fabulous Fails #1

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  1. Black Baby from Holder Clashers u guys ready for round 3 when update drops :3

  2. Love this new series!

  3. You're not the first to have this focus but yeah fails are more informative than a bunch of perfect attacks.

  4. 10:09 Two golems, one towards the archer tower on the top and one towards the cannon to the left of the wizard towers. A line of 8-10 wizards from the gold mines on the right to the barracks on the left to create a funnel. The wizards would eventually destroy the archer towers and cannons on the sides. Then drop a jump spell on that cluster of wizard towers in a manner that lets your troops jump into the compartment with the wizard towers, then into the two compartments on the sides that have the air defenses. This will kill CC troops, the enemy queen, destroy 3 air defenses (queen will eventually shoot the one closest to the clan castle) and the air sweeper. No risk of wall breaker fails because you don't even need to use them, and you only need to use one spell.

  5. I always thought it was pronounced pen dragon. I like the way you say it better.

  6. One hive gazzete, can you please zoom in when you are recording raids, becouse video looks so boring when its all the time from same point, and my eyes really hurt becouse i have to get very close to screen to see everything

  7. This is where it starts to get obvious that you are a homosexual… "fabulous"

  8. i think you sould continue , helpful especially to average coc players like me

  9. amazing vid bro

  10. definitely would like to see more of these!! 🙂 will make for a great series!! :)

  11. ..on the same base. thanks

  12. nice series. a few fails and a followup three star is nice too

  13. thx great video. Way to be different

  14. Love this series these r always great

  15. Great series!

  16. I Iike the series. The critiques and ideas on how the attack could've been better are helpful. Also, it's nice to see that even very high level attackers don't three star every attack.

  17. I learn from fails

  18. Btw u actually were going to do the name reveal at 10k.?

  19. Im quite new on this channel, so my question is why do you say "OneHive Gazzette" in the intro? Shouldn't it be "Genesis"?

  20. Love the video idea! It's good to see things from a failed attack's perspective and this video alone taught me a lot already, especially cause I've managed to fail a queencharge just like that last one.

  21. (◣‿◢)

  22. will you start a series on how to grow on youtube??

  23. Man!
    Great videos keep em coming☺

  24. showing who attacks is totally unnecessary… just dont mention it and blur the names…

  25. This series is awesome Bisect! (:

    You said Miners instead of Bowlers btw lol No biggie, we all understood you.

    Keep you the great work, I still can't believe you are younger than me..

  26. Great

  27. Really like the series idea! Personally learn a lot from fails, especially when trying to learn/master a certain strategy. Having someone point out what/where it went wrong is great as well, rather than trying to identify it from your own attacks, especially when using new strategies that you haven't fully grasped.

  28. i think hog instead of giant on that wiz twr would have done for him

  29. Fahim is gonna love this video??

  30. love the new series