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FairPlay Update – Modding Banned (Clash of Clans)

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  1. someone should start a gofundme for nadis to create a privat server for modders

  2. modding isnt close to over. we have been preparing for a few days now and have plenty of solutions to the problem.. you cant stop modders we are always 2 steps ahead but i appreciate the try supercell XD

  3. For the next Q&A:

    How do you think Supercell will detect modders? Through the software or are they just taking reports/complaints more seriously?

  4. This was very random move by Supercell. We aren't going to see any TH11 triples now. But whatever we'll see. I already deleted my mod because i don't want trouble, so did everyone else in Efam.

  5. tbh modding only seems frustrating when its done in a huge PvP game like coc….Coz 1 modder affects soo many ppl due to his advantage over others and thus it becomes a battle zone between fp guys and non fp guys…..but in a single player game,no one cares what u r doing….Have u seen ppl forming grups of Fp Vs Cheaters in a crappy single player game like temple run?lol

  6. LOL i completely agree with you abt that clash con thing.Those attacks were cringy to watch xD

  7. Thanks for the videos, i'm learning a lot from your videos, can you please some content for TH8,,, by the way your war tips are awesome.

  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Back to pc game modders, thats where u can use godmode or Show me the money all u want ?

  9. Yay!Btw any1 got banned till now?Nice video as always

  10. Finally :D


    they shouldnt have "removed" modding they should of just added a modder pool where they could war only against each other