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Fallout 4 Settlement Tutorial – Hospital – Sneak Peek

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  1. Wait wut 6 days ago you were on 4k now your on 9k dude your growing crazy fast

  2. 10k is almost here

  3. nice vid bro

  4. awesome to watch you grow as a youtuber man 😀 i subscribed when you were on 1 thousand and to see it go to 5 thousand in a few weeks is unfathomable, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  5. I knew I wouldn't regret subscribing to you. Because I have with Pewds. .-. Not hating him though. (pls fanboiz dont kill me)

  6. You're gonna grow bigger. Soon 4k wont be anything!

  7. Nearly at 5,000!!!!

  8. You should get settlement expansion Mod ( I don't remember The name ) it allows u to build really cool things in ur settlements like a vertibird different doors and walls etc

  9. CURTIS 4000!! YAAAYYYYYY!!!!!! Congrats bro

  10. Congrats on 4000 subs, you totally deserve it! It would be cool if you could do settlement building tutorials, where you show us the building of it. Keep up the good work!

  11. Congrats on 4k man. Not sure how long you've been doing this but you seem very professional about it and your videos are organized and concise. I watch a lot of the bigger youtubers (300K, 3M +, etc) and you're definitely on the right track.

  12. Hello Curtis can I ask where you get that raider helmet from?

  13. I subscribed when I saw your video on how to make a fucking door inside a house keep it bro and please make ah gameplay walkthrough on DIVISION I beg you when it's available not a 5 minute video plsss ?

  14. its amazing how fast you are growing, its well deserved dude :)

  15. I'm happy I subscribed you made 400 subs in 1 day

  16. congratulations I'd say you have 5000 soon

  17. Good job, Curtis. :)

  18. I'm happy I subscribed to you. Congrats :)

  19. Congrats man, first 4k of many we hope !