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  1. You and Jake are the main reason I play this game with more serious & strategic thinking. Thank you so much for all of your videos and efforts. I hope you still enjoy this game and continue sharing whatever knowledge you have to make us better attacker.

  2. "Thank you for helping us all Suck Less" Liked at this moment.Thank you for all your videos PB you are one of the best!!

  3. he was banned permanently for using xmod.

  4. Great Job on 100,000 PB, I've been here since 2,000 subscribers.

  5. i think Jake going to play Pokemon GO now!!

  6. I hope you don't plan to "retire" too PB….With Matty and Jake stepping down…

  7. Dude, I like you, i respect you but…Jake is not dead. pls change your wording at the intro, and the music doesn't help either.Thanks

  8. I guess this is a wakeup call that nothing's forever. I complained to you before PB about how my fave tubers were migrating away to games like CR. But I guess that's just the natural order of things. Saddened by Jake's retirement and grateful to him, you, and several others that have been by my side for over a year helping me to enjoy CoC. A big cheers to all of you and many thanks. Wonderful tribute.

  9. Who would give this a thumbs down? HATERS!!! Why do they even watch?!? Lol

  10. All dislikers are modders :p

  11. timing could not be more suspect? what do you mean by that? ?

  12. Well said, PB!

  13. Hi PB , big fan of yours here. It's sad about jake. A true clash legend. But from the intro I thought he died. I dashed over to his channel to see. Phew! He made a decision to stop so that's ok. His choice, respect. But there's another youtuber. Beakers lab. Ok he is not the same kind of clasher but he still puts a lot of effort into entertaining his fans. He loves it. I was shocked to find out he has CANCER. And has to stop for surgery. Give him a mention too. He's a good guy at heart.

  14. That Intro was sick man, indeed we lost a great one!! OneHive and WHF , You the Best!!! His legacy will continue thru the plp who followed and learned from Jake!!!!

  15. beak had a cancer,jake retired,i loved this game!

  16. your wife is so much hotter than you

  17. Now Matty retires from COC today … power bang … u r the last men standing … the last barbarian!

  18. you're making it look like he died

  19. why does the whf clan look so inactive…

  20. Wow super weird intro. Made it sound like he died.

  21. I thought jake died for a minute ?

  22. FFS I thought someone died. lol.

  23. May as well start doing ninja live. It was one our favorite things over there. Now its gone. Take over boss

  24. Jake ?

  25. Well said pb. Class act sir.

  26. so sad he passed away he will be missed

  27. Please do these more often. 🙁 Lost my mentor…

  28. RIP jake

  29. Hell,

    I can barely keep up with raiding on my two accounts. I couldn't imagine doing Youtube videos on top of that.

  30. the intro make me almost cry :(

  31. Did Jake die?

  32. Awesome tribute, mate. Question, though: are you a tall dude, or is Jake short? Hahaha.

  33. Jake will be missed on Yt

  34. hope maintaince break didn't wipe EE weekend war

  35. Respect PB, lovely opener to the Video…. Will be missed Jake.

  36. PB, why you do this to my feels?! ??? Wonderful way to say good bye to jake :)

  37. great video bro. u never let us down.

  38. the only constant thing in life is change. thanks for all u do pb. my quote for my clan members. "if u don't watch pb, you're probably not very good". this is the only channel I need