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FARM WALLS FAST! Best upgrade strategy = Super Queen + Valkyrie for Th9, Th10, & Th11

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  1. Perfect timing for this video, just started king upgrade to 30 and need to work on walls (while finding a way to use all this unneeded dark). Thanks Ash!

  2. Hey Ash, can you make a strat to farm de fast? Thx I'm th9 queen is going to level 14 and king is 15 I'm done with all of the defenses besides walls almost all level 9

  3. Please Ash make the video

  4. I'd like to see that other attack you were talking about with the queen walk + giBarch

  5. just got lvl 3 valks today! might try this.

  6. Try to get rid of the blur on your videos would be amazing thanks

  7. sub me i sub back

  8. nice vid

  9. how do you find the loot or how long is it taking

  10. Holy crap,I turned up my volume on the intro ._.

  11. Awesome! Will use this! Thx Ash!

  12. This is perfect for me! Just put my heroes down and have a lil DE to burn ;)

  13. I put my volume so loud and I got so scared! Haha can you do a th8 and farming strat…Barch is so boaring

  14. nice ash! more farming videos please!!!!!!

  15. Very Good!! ??

  16. can you guys sub to my channel its called mari cuencas pls I'm trying to get 200 subs

  17. Clan TH5. WRE TH9

  18. 1

  19. the volume always gets me lol

  20. 1st

  21. Ahhh!!! Sorry about the audio volume on the intro. Don't turn it up! :-P