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Farming After the Update – Let’s Clash #144 (Day 260-263)

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  1. Brandon muito foda!!!!!Brandon very cool !!!!!

  2. +Clash of Clans – Brandon Why do you upgrade your walls and not your defenses. Is it better to upgrade walls than defenses.

  3. Can you show us a good farming base?

  4. 300 next to find these. U can farm smaller amounts. Thanks for letting me know you are a crap farmer, il un sub now. Thanks and good luck

  5. Hi brother
    Are u using boot or no with your village

  6. lol…. guys these are old attack videos…. after update some loot is stored in townhall as well, but most the attacks here dint kill townhall but still got complete loot

  7. is harrd to farm now :(

  8. do you use bots to get xp and loot

  9. Who wastes 8-14 hours a DAY playing clash of clans, I only play it for around 30 mins

  10. Brandon which account do you spend the most time on and why?

  11. Hello brandon, i love to watch you and daddy, and sometimes galadon and witelightning, but he does not relate to this comment, but regarding todays comment question of the day is it better to use light army in lower leagues, or gibarch with a few witches or something in higher leagues? so you are not using heavy armies, just a little heavier armies then bam. i have heard this around the clash community, so i thought i would ask the expert, and these armies can get 90 percent of the loot bonus and 300k or more of g/e. thanks!

  12. I'm using LavaLoonion in crystal 1/masters 3 and I usually get 2k dark minimum every raid and elixir and gold profit! This works for me the best. LIKE IF IT'S THE SAME FOR YOU!

  13. im a max th 8 i use this
    3 heal spell
    20 giants
    8 wizard
    4 wallbreakers
    30 archers
    30 barbarians
    and a barbarian king
    its really good its not that expensive so :D

  14. BRANDON gold 3 is best from gold

  15. its not totally gone its just harder

  16. in gold 2 the loot is bad for th9

  17. Brandon can u tell me why is it so hard to find a good base to attack I spend like a 100,000 or even more gold to search for 1 base

  18. You only donated 6 troops and received over 4.5k. Not much of a team player, are we.

  19. Hey Brandon, where do you think the best place to farm as a th9?
    Love ur bids, keep it up!