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  1. Guys I'm done with this game the updates are just trash and he game is going down hill in my opinion so imma sell my acc near max th10 for 60$ kik me @ghostnappa545 or message me @(702)764-7631 legit and mature people only please don't waste my time and first come first serve btw i have people help me come up with the price so I say it's good thanks for your time ( PayPal would be preferred )

  2. wow thanks ash !!!!

  3. Ash, I'm farming in master 3 too as a TH9, how long are your search times roughly for bases with around 250-300k + in gold/elixir and around 1.5-2k + for DE?

  4. Does this work for th10? I'm trying to upgrade my archer queen constantly and need to farm lots of dark elixir

  5. thnx ash. it helped a lot

  6. i gotta try this attck strategy really good for dark elixir

  7. Hi Ash, can you put in the titles what town hall your videos are referring? Very nice way to farm for TH 9…keep the vids coming.

  8. +andres león de donde es ud?

  9. d donde eres tu andres?

  10. fantastic timing does me on this video. just got my valks to 4 today and my queen is napping. been finding a strategy little hard without her

  11. I used to play clash of clans, then I quit…and thanks to your videos (which I originally came for Clash Royale) I'm back into it, had to start over, but I'm back. Your videos make them far more interesting than I used to find these games. Itd be awesome if I could join your clan on Clans and Royale. :)

  12. seré el único hispano hablante q t sigue ? xD

  13. awesome video ash thanks bro!

  14. Thank you :)

  15. Ash how bout farming without heros with air troops, I always use ground troops and it's time to switch it up, but don't know much about air attacks, would be owesome to see how your farm without hero's with air troops. Keep up the good work. ?

  16. hey ash i notice u have a war going on how can u get a star without your heroes hehe

  17. This is perfect I been looking for a substitute to use when I have my queen down for upgrades and can't use QW to farm

  18. I Rofled as soon as I saw "Look Ma!"

  19. another good one ash!

  20. 1:57 Cook times!

    Nice strat Ash! Really solid way of farming without heroes. :)

  21. Hey Guys! are lvl 2 valks good for war??

  22. Noice

  23. number 6 I think

  24. number or 5

  25. 2nd comment

  26. Awesome video Ash!

  27. first