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Farming is Still Great!!! – Let’s Clash #146 (Day 270-271)

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  1. super queen is great, 2500 dark per hour at th9

  2. The real question is why don't they get banned??

  3. 🙂 ❤️

  4. Do u know when the Barack will be able to boost for 1 gem?

  5. hi brandon..
    can 30 mil gold and elixer each in one day is possible? if possible how do u do?..(without heros)..

  6. Q: What is going on im inactive on my 3rd account and it haven't been attacked for 12 days with full collectors .-.

  7. Great since u use xmod really good, and it must be verry fun to do.

  8. Why you can get two gem box in this eposode

  9. Modder!

  10. thx brandon you are one of the bests coc youtubers… and use some mods or still crying … its do only stupid childs who dont know how attack :)

  11. my second account didn't get attackt for 14 days whit full collectors

  12. my second account didn't get attackt for 14 days whit full collectors

  13. I thought all dead bases were removed from the game?

  14. guys stop saying he mods omfg, he has already said he condones modding plus he streams live. so sick of everyone accusing him of modding wtf

  15. with all this xmod talk since the video of his clan mates using it, people are attacking Brandon and suggesting that he uses xmod. I don't think he does because he shows his attacks and how he plays all the time. Brandons career depends on playing clash of clans, and why would he risk the chance of making farming/war easier for a ban?

    And I don't think it's right to generalize Mega with brandon. he said in his previous video he can't tell people how to play the game, and since he's probably good friends with the other clan members, he can't really tell his clan member to stop cheating in person.

    It's like saying a group of your friends did something wrong, the court doesn't just arrest everyone there, they interrogate everybody and see what they did at that time. what you guys are doing is generalizing Brandon with everyone in mega without any proof other than the fact that his clan xmod/imods.

    I'm not some brandon fanyboy, i enjoy his content but I'm more of a neutral in this. I still think Brandon needs to make an apology towards the community and how he's basically ignored his subscribers and their questions on this topic.

  16. Farming at bronze is great I'm a th7 and when I go hardcore farming I get 1.7mill each and 2k de

  17. Question: Why aren't you upgrading minions to level 6 and barbarians and archers too level 7? They would help with farming, Keep up the great videos!

  18. what about a xmod tutorial? :)

  19. How can I join ur clan brandon

  20. Nice loot, keep up the good work Brandon!