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FARMING my LAVA WALLS! the GRIND is REAL! Clash Of Clans Farming Strategy (Super Queen)

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  1. Thanks a lot Ash. This strategy really helped. I was struggling for which strategy to use.
    Thanks a lot.
    Please keep the farming vids coming. Hope you get your lava walls done mate :))

  2. I hate walls!!

  3. I played dragon warrior. It was a huge grind. If you wanted to level up 1 level, you had to go spend 4 hours killing scorpions.

  4. Nice Video!!
    Please more farming strategys

  5. Thanks Ash please post more farm I ng vide please

  6. champions league sucks for loot @ th9

  7. When you were going to make your confession, I was so scared you were gonna say "I love GoWiPe for farming!"

  8. I farm in gold 3 or 2. I can find 300,000 gold and elixir. I sometimes can find 3,000 dark elixir. Also, these bases are so weak that I can use level 5 gibarch to 100% these bases.

  9. Whats up Ash! I haven't been in the loop for awhile but always make it a point to check ur vids. Keep up the good work…love the passion for gaming.

  10. Still plying coc? 😮 thats nice

  11. crystal is the best for gold and elixer, masters is better for dark at max th9, i am also on the grind

  12. I farm in champs 1 or 2 love the 200k bonus and 1k dark Aldo uf i find a good base with loot it adds up alot.

  13. im using your pekka army in champs and the bonus makes the dark flow in like crazy

  14. im using your pekka army in champs and the bonus makes the dark flow in like crazy

  15. great

  16. My heroes are upgrading to lvl 26 and 25 right now and I have only 100 lvl 9 to upgrade to lvl 10. What is the best league For me? I've tried from silver to champion but haven't found the best

  17. Gold 3!

  18. Tim Tim Tim

  19. Dragon Warrior is freaking awesome!  I agree that game instills a farming mindset for tedious upgrades.  Love the DW shout out.

  20. Ash amazing video man even though I'm town hall 8 I'm trying to replicate this attack I just started YouTube today and I've made my first video ash if you could check it out and comment on how I did it would help out a lot you're inspiration if you check it out I'm gonna make a video about you

  21. I love how my friend has th9 and he has the base of a th6 and he says he is not rushed