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FARMING TO MAX! 5 Strategies for Th11/10 [Clash Of Clans]

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  1. How am I doing? I'm doing Great! I got at least 3 new pokemon today and got new suse and a backpack for school! 😀 Thanks for asking! XD but how are you doing? Catch any good/new pokemon lately?

  2. your so good on what you do ash, despite the fact that i stopped playing CoC due to ofcoz multiple reasons on updates i still enjoy watching it on your channel, keep it up man

  3. Illuminati confirmed, 666 gems

  4. snipe 1 star plus loot from anti 3 stars base

  5. I always find the loot while on the toilet at work

  6. need more active player with 2000+ join Watts Gangsters for clash royale

  7. Make a video on trophy pushing please and put some of your personal experience/tips.

  8. Thank you so much Ash!

  9. armed wolf's!

  10. Can you please join my clan on clash of clans

  11. Hey guys! If any of u play CLASH OF CLANS, join HillsBruh Co. We are a great clan and expanding further. Thanks for ur time!

  12. ?

  13. Max out th8 Ash?

  14. do u guys suggest 5 healers QW?

  15. Ash I just made an insanely close 3-Star in clanwar with Bowlers on a th 10 (I'm a th 10 myself). If you want to come and check it out, the clan name is Oldassbastarts :-)

  16. What is the background music? I have gone through the song channels in the description and I cannot find this one song!! What is it??

  17. No barch. I do understand why it isn't showcased, because no one would watch videos of barch/bam. Honestly, most of my clan are maxed TH11s, and no one needed anything more than barch/bam to farm

  18. Barch or BAM, crystal league. By far the best for all loot, especially DE

  19. I decided to upgrade walls to lvl 10 first before upgrading more defenses so i can get rid of walls im currently th10

  20. How to actually farm at Th10- drop to crystal/mid to low masters and use bam, so much more efficient than spending an hour training some of these armies

  21. more clash of clans pls!!!

  22. Hey!!

  23. Can I have this account

  24. Hey could u please upload a video on how to protect your Base against goblin knife.

  25. Fastest way to maxed out :
    Use the credit card of your parents and buy some gems

  26. 9.5 MILLION for lv8 giants ?

  27. Pls do a th9 farming strategy

  28. Hey ash, another awesome video! Could you make the same type of video for th9?

  29. Lebrun jemz no I maxed th9 in 8 months except my gobs and elixer mines

  30. Does the miner strategy work with lvl 2 miners?


  32. I've been at th9 for 11months now. I have all my defenses maxed, A level 20 king and a level 19 Queen. I also built 73 Level 10 walls, and maxed out all troops besides Goblins. Is that good progress for 11 months?

  33. Why do you have low subs you need more

  34. is wall important in th10 and 11 cause there is miner and bowlers ?

  35. hey Ash whats up? sorry to say but i m not liking your channel these days…. you dont put coc videos more these days… … and the channel 3sv is kinda inactive … please b active on your channel with coc videos… gl and take care… bk

  36. can you do one video for max out th9??

  37. 69yh

  38. ???

  39. can any1 tell me how to be th9.5 what to upgrade troops new troops, barracks?? etc..

  40. If i reach 300 subcribers today ill play pokemon go in the hood

  41. Why does Ash put gullible in the description?

  42. Im wachen you from Iraq

  43. Hey ash so i am a nearly th9 max including heros and walls so i will upgrade to th10 after level 30 king what should i do after that be a th 9.5 or full on th10 ? I always play wars to

  44. Thanks!

  45. Could you do something like this for th9?

  46. 12:51 666 gems predicted