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Farming with BAM, Journey to Max TownHall 11 #7 – Clash of Clans

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  1. If u had to delete one of your account witch one would u delete

  2. Hi Brandon, what do you think is the best type of base to getting trophies? Troll base, trophy base or hybrid? Meow!

  3. Hi Brandon!Fan from MY?

  4. Because you play Clash of clans so much have you ever had any dreams about it? Love you vids keep it up.

  5. Do you play a other game? Do you play on computer or on phone?

  6. Why don't you upgrade your minions then you will have nothing to upgrade with dark elixir and you will use your dark elixir only on donating?

  7. wazzzzup

  8. Hi Brandon, What strategy would you recommend for someone at th8 to push to masters? Meow!

  9. yoyo

  10. brandon how long do u think you will play clash for and how long do u think clash will live on for

  11. brandon how much time will u keep playing clash

  12. Hi Brandon ! I'd like to ask you Is loot cart efficient according to you? I think It's not ! With love from India !

  13. Hi Brandon, do you have any tips for farming at town hall level 7?

  14. Brandon Will You Be Giving Gems For Level 350?

  15. Hi brandon why you don't up your minions to level 7?

  16. Why are you focusing so much on DE since you have a max king and queen? 

  17. The last time i came this early i wasn't even born!

  18. Hey give me a shout out

  19. Brandon never reply to comments ❔?

  20. brandon une te a mi clan se llama TOP DONATIONS M