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February 2016 Sneak Peek + New in the Shop

  1. Something That'll Make Me Smile In February Is Getting To Meet My Lil Human!! That's Right My Son Will Be Born In February!! Yayyyy!! Wife's Due Date Is February 5th!!!

  2. I'm most excited about spending a well-planned Valentine's Day with my girlfriend of almost 6 years!

  3. Anniversary vacation!!

  4. I'm excited to start medical school in February! Also, Valentine's Day always brings a smile to my face. Can't wait to spend it with someone

  5. I am looking forward to new adventures and family gatherings in the month of February. There is so much to smile about

  6. Great samples this month!

  7. Im excited to go to Amador wine country with my beautiful, smart, talented, girlfriend. She definitely makes me smile. After wine tasting I'm gonna need to whiten my teeth!

  8. This month I'm looking forward to by moms birthday. Every year I get to spend with her is a blessing. ❤️

  9. Making my wife happy for Valentines

  10. excited to to spend time in Boston for for 2 of my friends birthday. I'd love this

  11. Please help me with my coffee stained teeth

  12. What's going to make me smile this month is the weather getting nicer so I can go out with my dog ?

  13. Diggin this yo. I'm excited for February because it's time to start up my annual Fine Arts festival preparations, and that teeth whitening stuff would be awesome for my presentations I've got to give, and I'm preparing to embark on college in addition to a hopeful raise/promotion at work, all of which this would improve astronomical amounts.

  14. I will getting married next month and would hope for the whitest month in my wedding pictures so in the future we can look back at them and not have to have any embarrassing moment and maybe share it with you guys for my review on the product since all your products are amazing so far my wife loves them also

  15. Hanging out with some friends that I don't see that often!

  16. Probably the weirdest thing on here but I'm getting my arm sleeve tattoo finished. It's something I would have never thought I would do in my life but I can't wait to see the finished result and just be me.

  17. looking forward to asking my Girlfriend to marry me on January 30th

  18. definitely looking forward to asking my Girlfriend to marry me, Jan 30th

  19. definitely looking forward to asking my Girlfriend to marry me, Jan 30th

  20. definitely looking forward to asking my Girlfriend to marry me, Jan 30th!!!

  21. definitely looking forward to asking my Girlfriend to marry me, Jan 30th!!!

  22. Something that would make me happy is getting a shipment date for joining the Air Force.

  23. excited for lots of chocolate

  24. My annual snowboarding trip always makes me smile.

  25. I'm looking forward to two things: running my first Theatre of the Oppressed workshop and finalizing travel plans for the Peace Corps!

  26. looking forward to winning the giveaway in February for my better half…The month of love and romance ;-)

  27. The arrival of my son will make me extremely, extremely happy.

  28. I complete 4 wonderful years with my husband in february :)

  29. I am smiling about taking my wife to Nashville for a night of Honky-tonk fun. Great food and great music.

  30. The thing that will make me happiest in February is finally finishing the last of what I need to in school to coast forward to graduation this May!

  31. In February, I'm excited to celebrate my pup's first birthday, go to a beer festival, and a murder mystery dinner!

  32. The opportunity to start a new job and what makes a great first impression than a great white smile!