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Final 30 Minutes (OneHive vs Reddit Alchemy) | Clash of Clans

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  1. wooooooo onehive!

  2. skeet skeet is so annoying and just get a shortcut for your woooooo please

  3. hi one hive can i join your clan?

  4. bullshit

  5. KFC here i come.

  6. Ahhhhhh skeet skeet skeet

  7. For god sake don't say "skeet skeet" it's so fucking annoying lol?

  8. CWL brought me back to YouTube. This is the best war recap, as it doesn't have the unavoidable spoiler at the top, for those of us who don't know the result. Be nice if you actually caught some of the pivotal raids, but hey, nice job. 

  9. That skeet skeet is annoying as fuck

  10. your clanmates should wait untill you go in to watch cant put this end in a video ….

  11. Looks like Molt was a seer "2 stars win wars."

  12. Stop say a ahhh skeet skeet you sound like a total cunt when you do!!!!!

  13. Why does it say last 30 minutes of war and the video is 16 minutes..smh

  14. Great war. Great win. Good job OH.

  15. isnt Sir Goodpasture at WHF?

  16. no ninja live today ! c'mon keg :P

  17. Finally

  18. love the vid broo