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FIRST FRIENDLY WAR!! – YouTube General VS YouTube General – Clash Of Clans

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  1. Sup Smiffy how's life why is your VOICE sounds WEIRD


  3. Aye, awesome video homie! Keep it up, and you so close to 7k!

  4. hey smiffy i really enjoy your videos and im starting to make my own on clash of clans i just wanted to know if i can have a small shoutout.. thanks

  5. I love your channel bro please don't stop coc you are one of the last good coc YouTubers…You know besides myself lek

  6. hey smiffy can you add me as a friend? my tag is #8Y920Y82V

  7. now im gonna get members

  8. thx smiffy u dream

  9. smiff u created a clan like a feeder clan about you its called smiffy famclan and i want you to give a shoutout or something so it can grow and its.all.about u

  10. Hi. I'm a Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale YouTuber. I do excellent quality videos. If you guys like it why don't you guys subscribe!!

  11. hey guys if your insrested on joining my vlan check it out~~~~#grup98rq

  12. Guys pls smash the thumbs up so smiffy can get 150 and above likes lets help him 

  13. Awesome vid! :)

  14. What is the song u used in ur 5K special? The backround music when u were talking??? Plz respond

  15. NEW CLAN Clan tag is GUUUCYP9 Clan Name is Born To Clash 600+ Trophies Needed English speaking clan Clash of clans

  16. I JUST SUBSCRIBE!!! :)

  17. I'm in champs 1

  18. Smiffy I will find your base

  19. um wtf

  20. I love u and i can't believe you've grown so much I've been watching since 2k and it is amazing

  21. Nice vis as always!
    I'm __ just changed name!

  22. Dude will u do a giveaway at 5$amazon or google play.. That will make u popular in clash community

  23. ??

  24. Guys if you want a 100 level clash of clan account check my newest video please


  26. Ur THE best

  27. nice vid smiff! wondering if you could do a friendly war against Bonnervill. thats the feeder clan of cinematix

  28. Hi! What's up?

  29. Nutty

  30. Nice video!??

  31. whats up I have sent you friend req on coc its Neon check it out

  32. Hi Bro