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Fl Studio 12 Beat Tutorial

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  1. Nicely done Ata its great seeing u doing new things

  2. and i always thought you used beats from songs… dayum thats dedication.

  3. shit tutorial. people, don't use samples. Make everything by yourself not use other people made samples.

  4. Can you start doing CGOTD??? if to CQOTD: What is your favorite gaming device

  5. i like your taste of music bro

  6. nice vid, different from what I'm used to, but nice music u made


  8. cool video. i love music and making music. i use Pro tools and i have a 8 track;) what Instruments do you play besides guitar?

  9. ?huh

  10. nice one bro i love ur. drums pianos are amazing .love this video

  11. this needs to be a intro

  12. QOTD: If you were a DJ, what would your name be? DJ Ata?

  13. Nice Video Atta keep it up

  14. your brother hit 1 million yeahh

  15. I just wrote a FanFiction Harry and Snape

  16. How much does the program cost

  17. That Was Some Dope Shit ??

  18. Idk if you do them but CQOTD: did you build your own computer or what do you use?

  19. i was wondering what u used to make ur music very talented gg bro

  20. Hippo

  21. YYYAAYYY, i was the first dislike, I just wanted to be first at something, ?

  22. Hi

  23. i made a song using this software once and it was dope. but the flashdrive that it was saved on was lost

  24. what's that beat making website callrd

  25. First great vids ata please try to make them more often you and nesquick r the best

  26. Number 1 fan bro

  27. amazing beats, such wub wub

  28. MF FIRST