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FLASHIN’ (Worms Clan Wars)

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  1. Ross' team got devastated in the beginning of this game. At least it had a great ending.

    Also, I like how Smith's worms are a reference to units from the Red Alert series.

  2. When Scrottymouse wins, it dries me up like a desert…

  3. That ending was magical. Smith's death was perfect.

  4. God speed Troutimoose with the hard drive thing xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxooxoxo

  5. The amount of people in these comments who think they know more about the Hat Films RAID setup than the Hats themselves is ridiculous. If the vast majority of your income relies on what is stored on your computer I'm pretty sure you get yourself REAL acquainted with what setup and hardware you need VERY quickly. Doubly so if you've already been burned once.

  6. I still love worms

  7. Wait, Trott why would you 2 drive raid anyway? Thats so stupid.

  8. Sometimes I wonder if these guys are actually friends or if it's all an act.

  9. That last play was delicious. Then again, I have a permanent rager for Trott, always hoping he'll win.

  10. Ross with the Chris-Trott-errors this game…

  11. I love this, trails but i ask of more track mania or perhaps a newer more coop focused game

  12. Oh look, the only people in the world still playing this game.

  13. quit playing games and just podcast

  14. So Trott had a RAID 0 stripe set and didn't have backups? Let's just point out that "RAID" is not bad, there are many different kinds and choosing one that gives no redundancy inevitably ends in tears.

  15. Does anyone else feel that they seem to be getting pretty bored of Worms?

  16. you should start a rust series

  17. Raid 0, raid 1, raid 0+1?? Don't leave us hanging.

  18. Damn, that was a good game!

  19. There are several different forms of RAID which one did you guys use?

  20. I just saw an ad for a movie which was rated R for "strong language".

    Yes, that was the ONLY reason it was rated R.

  21. I agree with Trott re Ross…..HE BAFFLES ME IN THIS GAME

  22. these worms videos are getting too short, you guys need to stop getting good.

  23. smith was red alert units?


  25. im sad that your channel is slowly dying. I have bothing against you, honestly you're my favorite yogscast members. It's just too soon for you to die out

  26. 6:52 "God damn it Ross."

  27. Is it just me or did the lads seem a bit off today?

  28. That last play was incredible.