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Free Loot But DO NOT Be Greedy – Clash of Clans

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  1. Ofc people are going to try to steal your loot, it's part of the game lad!

  2. What is wrong with taking your elixer ? Clash is all about attacking and defending.

  3. sorry brandon but I don't agree with this at all… 'You can raid me but don't fully raid me'… Whats the point of the game!!?

  4. Bitch nice video!

  5. you clan?

  6. Nice!

  7. Yummy loot

  8. hey man can you subscribe to me? ? I'll subscribe back with 5 accounts!

  9. 2:05

  10. Hahahahah fail!! Nice brandon

  11. Good loot))

  12. Maybe they did not need elixir or dark elixir, because their storages were full. I would've done the same, cause my storages are full right now and I have nothing to upgrade…

  13. I haven't been attacked in 2 days. I have no shield, and I have 3.2 Million Gold. Question: Has CoC died?? Meow.

  14. hi guys brandon awesome meow

  15. First