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“Friendly Challenge”? Or Modding for all in Clash of Clans?

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  1. Alot of people say you shouldn't be able to do friendly challenges when the clan is in a war, But then someone points out that they could just join another clan and do it.
    Well, it doesn't have to be if "The Clan" is in war, Just the player, You know that timer that doesn't let u join a war until the one you're in is over? If that timer is still on, You cant accept friendly challenges, Simple As That.

  2. Okay, so I believe looking at this from a optimistic view, this is great however from your point of view, I can certainly agree on the concern. Unless SC has a preventative measure set in place… This can be a problem…. Wait… there is one not to think of it…. All members actively in war will have the feature disabled or will have no option to edit village or war base until that war ends…. This is the only sensible thing I can think of… How about you guys?

  3. sad times……sad times modders win

  4. I agree with Jake, however, I think there are ways to limit this feature so that is much harder to abuse, things I'm thinking are very long cool down periods and not being able to do it during war day(linked to personal war timer not based on being in clan). This being supercell we're talking about, I don't think those changes will be made.

  5. i hate every single thing about it. honestly ill just use a burner account with mod on it now so i dont have to manually copy base. im a member of a very well known fp clan too. but at that point therrs no difference so no one will care. literally worst update news ive ever heard by a gigantic margin

  6. I hear your concern, this could be resolved by Supercell simply by only allowing the friendly challenge when a clan is NOT in war…

  7. This is the Future of the game. It is how it is. Fairplay is already doomded long ago since modders have been banned, this is what the Clash comunity wants. Theyre just too scared to admit it.

  8. They obviously never learned from the December fiasco. I see pros and cons. War is ruined now, after they spend an update fixing it. The game right now is unstable.

  9. why coc

  10. im all about having some way to practice attacks, but you are totally right jake…this is going to completely RUIN WAR!!!!!!

  11. without details its tough to be sure but you seem to be right, high level fairplay war is over

  12. It's got to turn off during war prep, & during war!?

  13. rip clash

  14. I deleted my cheating softwares and now im used to scout bases and plan the attacks with my clan mates, thats so nice and we all are enjoying the game like it should be. Then what happens? SC makes it even easier to cheat, this is so fucking frustrating, the only reason i personaly moded was because all our enemies did, once we got a solution its fuck'd up by SC again, im never gonna mod again but this was bad news.

  15. Hey Jake, long time viewer, first time commenting tho. I totally agree with you that this ''friendly challenge'' thing will completely demolish fair play war scene. If this gets implemented into the game I'm probably going to quit hardcore fair play warring or maybe even the Clash all together since I'm one of many for whom arranged wars are the only exiting thing left in this game. Friendly Challenges = RIP COC.

  16. this is not good news…clan wars will no longer be as challenging. Fair play is gone…replays becomes useless why bother doing clan wars! What are they thinking…? The last upgrade was suppose to create attacks that was suppose to be smarter but with friendly challenge (aka sandboxing) why bother? Just play around with troop combination until you get it right….just submit the video and mail the 3 stars! VERY DISAPPOINTED…..! SUPERCELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

  17. Rip the last thing i liked about Coc.

  18. this ruins the game for me.

  19. They should implement practice attacks on war bases once a war has ended. Could even limit the troops you could use to what the original attacker used. This would build skill in the game without compromising the integrity. Countless times you spend hours with a clanmate helping them plan an attack and they screw it up. You could go back and show them how it's done. I've also screwed up myself countless times so having the ability to go back and do it again would help too.

  20. I just started learning to design bases, and this could help but it's true, this will ruin the fun of wars:( prefer the suspense of getting 3stars and getting 3 stars of the current mod-free game

  21. Petition to stop new change. PLEASE SIGN

  22. for those who are serious abt war this might not be nyc but for the rest of the community i guess it is an awesome feature…
    this update might pull back so many players and many people will luv it….

  23. maybe they will let u change ur base after being attacked in war

  24. if super cell wants to use the friendly challenge they should at least set a limited amount of attacks per day/week which may discourage people testing their attacks on the enemies bases by getting clan mates to use the base however it may not work entirely due to the fact that we will not know where traps should be used. If this is the case then trap placement will be more important than ever

  25. even if they don't allow this sc-modding during war – ppl will just use alternates to trial and error their way to victory

    sc has removed 'strategy' from a strategy game :(

  26. I don't get why people say this is a step back? Anyone with a bit of vision could of seen this coming from miles away as soon as they started banning mod users. Besides this isn't something that is mandatory nor easy to use. There is no reason to get butt hurt on a company changing THEIR game to THEIR liking and to what makes more money. Isn't that the point of any company? To make money? Fair play isn't dead. Fair play has just evolved. They, instead of dividing the community and creating a toxic environment in YouTube, forums, Twitter and every other social media outlet, finally unified us all as competitive war guys. Instead of hating why not be happy of the changes? Seeing the good instead of the bad will make you all way happier and will help you appreciate the little things. Jake you got invited to talk with them, then you should know why they did it, so instead of hating it why don't you explain how this is a good update so you don't create such a huge toxic environment

  27. Maybe this will only be for people who arnt in war, or maybe u have a max attempts at a base, idk, we shall see

  28. no practice attacks during a war. easy

  29. My clan is a fairplay war clan that have been recruiting and building ourselves a repertoire of 3 star attackers FOR TWO YEARS NOW. The clan leader (who owns 2 th11s and 1 th10 in our clan), as well as many other leaders, have pledged to QUIT THE FUCKING GAME OVER THIS UPDATE. And I would follow. WHAT THE FUCK.

  30. R.i.P clan wars

  31. Just a matter of time before you got sad about something again. 95% of CoC players aren't going to spend hours mocking enemy bases. We are just happy to have a place to practice new attack styles, valks, bowlers, etc. People complain about most updates before it's released or at first, then they calm down and get back to raiding and warring.

  32. Basically they kicked the modders off the game 2 weeks ago.
    Now they want to kick the FP war guys.

    What is wrong with them ?
    The guys that left the game won't come back, i'm pretty sure.

  33. Jake terrible terrible omg I might quit..

  34. What about simply no friendly battles during war and prep days. That would seem to solve things?

  35. Unfortunately I agree with you Jake, this will destroy wars

  36. I believe most of he updates have been geared toward what those players want and as a result has turned the other type of players off and left the game, leaving only one type of player.

    This feature is great for the casual player who plays for the social and fun, win or lose.

    I hope to see more updates like this, to add diversity to the game.

  37. Its not like 1 side is gonna have an advantage

  38. This is the last nail in the coffin, without war, I simply won't play clash of clans anymore. This is a sad moment

  39. This update will make modding obsolete because what is the point if you can do this. And average players will become stronger and create more challenging wars with complex 3 star starts and even better bases to defend those attacks

  40. This will be the end of clash for me. There is nothing like taking 1 shot, YOUR ONE SHOT, at a base and 3 starring it. Making a defensive base will become pointless. I'd rather keep my 99% 2 star last war then make that one adjustment in practice. This is sad.

  41. if sc give u a sandbox to the game, its obvious everyone could do it making the game fp for everyone

  42. This is a good update, an easy alternative to this is not to be considered "modding" they can add something where you are not allowed to change your bases during a war day. ez pz