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FRIENDLY CHALLENGE :: Pros/Cons & My Solution :: Clash Of Clans Update Talk

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  1. I totally agree with you, great feature as long as war is not effected , surely they have thought this through….I hope

  2. You know, I get where you're going, but I don't like your idea.  If someone is using the friendly battle ability legitly, then the 24 hour cool down isn't very fair.  My solution is simply that the friendly battle feature should be disabled whenever a clan goes to war.  Simple as that, and everyone is pretty happy because it is the clan's personal decision whether or not to go to war

  3. Let's just not have prep day then, if you can't scout there is no reason to have it.

  4. Removing prep day scouting is a bad idea?

  5. Or u can just disable this feature when ur in a war, that way it allows people to practice while keeping the ability of no repetitive hitting of war bases

  6. Ash, this was an awesome video with amazing ideas!! Hopefully it gets relayed to a Supercell employee :D

  7. Ash even that the ppl outside the clan they can copy the base and crack the base bro

  8. I love all your ideas and completely agree with you on how this feature will effect the game and if supercell introduced speed wars in the exact format you explained I would play coc all day every day that would be awesome and my clan mates would agree. now that army cook times are so much shorter I think speed wars are begging to be become more realistic like you said.

  9. Great video, thanks for the news man!

  10. preach Ashlain preach i hope SC wuld lsn

  11. I like the fix ash. Maybe on prep day you would just see the defensive levers, ie 4 level 10 arch tower, 1 level 11 arch tower and so on. Kinda like an upgrade tracking base layout to see the what they have, then your war base switches over automatically on war day.

  12. I really like your idea about copying bases. And I had the same idea with no scouting on prep day.

  13. You're making this too complicated lmao they know what they are doing.

  14. I like the 5v5 speed war idea except I think it should be at least 12hrs long. This will give everyday players more time to attack. In a compeditive tournament scenario the timer could be decreased, but you need to give the teams enough time to breakdown more challenging anti-3 bases with the entire team if necessary (this might entail all five players working on each enemy bases in turn). Another GAME CHANGING IDEA I would like to see is a ranked, 2h, single attack, 1v1 challenge against random players (kinda like clash royal). Thoughts?! Ps great video ?

  15. NO! Bad idea! If I'm making a base design that I want someone to attack to see if it's any good, then I can't make any edits to it! I'd have to wait 24 hours to move around a giant bomb or something, which is pretty dumb. I'm talking solely defensive.

    This brings up the question: what is a 'new' base? Is it one that's edited? In that case I have to wait 24 hours to have it re attacked. Is it one that I hit clear all on? I could just remove everything individually and avoid the 24 hour thing for war.

    This is just not a good idea

  16. great video ash !
    But i think your solution removes a lot of the purposes of the friendly challenge, especially for base building. If after every change on your base you need 24 hours to test it again, it won't help at all base builders.

    Also I don't think if the feature is released without restrictions, it won't put everyone in an even playing field because of scripting. And script apps can't even be downloaded by everyone, it requires to root or jailbreak the device. And also even if it's considered a cheat it's not detectable by supercell, it doesn't modify the game and the only way to detect it is to scan the hard drive or the RAM of the device, which SC can't do.

  17. This is great!

    – Remove scouting on prep day
    – 24 hour cool down before the base can be attacked
    – copy base feature added to game

    Perfect solution. I hope Supercell really consider this.

  18. Hey Ash. I appreciate your thoughts and proposed solutions, I really do, but I could not disagree more on the scouting lock-out. In an ideal world, where one lives in mom's basement, lives off the gummint teet, or are independently wealthy, a person could sit home all day and not feel rushed during the proposed lock-out period. But for those of us who have to go out and work for a living (which btw allows for some of the above peeps to BE a 1% ) it would be yet another set of chains placed on the many by the desires of the few. Despite your repeated disclaimer's regarding the 1% of competitive players (I would argue a far small number… 1/10th of 1%) the solution put forth does nothing but restrict the casual gamers experience. Long hours, business travel, airline flights, family obligations, you know, those pesky things…often give the working stiff little time to prepare during a war. The ability to scout and formulate strategy well ahead of the time I am obligated to complete my attack by is something I would be unwilling to give up. I am; however, very stoked with the update over all. I am really looking forward to clan tournaments and the ability to practice a new attacks sans the resource loss.

  19. Sounds like a decent plan Ash

  20. Finally, an open mind in a TWC. Much better than the selfish incessant whining we hear from elsewhere. The "FP" war community needs to realise that they are a minority in this game, and that the majority welcomes this update. On another note.. Fix the clouds please. Please.

  21. I think the cooldown is enough. Altering prep day is overcomplicating it. Just simply change bases, or not. Its your call. Just put up a good war base and change it to another war base, doesn't have to be a "troll base"

  22. im really excited and yeah cd 48hours seems legit or 24hours and non scout in preparation!

    thx for the vid and infos again good as always!

  23. stop trying to say it's bad or modding gtfoh IT'S THE SAME AS CLASH ROYAL JUST NOW IN CLASH OF CLANS it's going to be fun af

  24. My thoughts exactly! Good video.

  25. It can be much simpler. Just disable it 2-3 hours before battle day. Then we just switch bases. It will prevent the cracking. Yes you will have the issue of not switching by some clanmates. But if you are a serious war clan you won't have that issue with your members. It's kinda like not attacking.

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  27. It's all about the money lmao. The game is dead and SC is desperate af.

  28. Great solution. I'm excited about this update tho

  29. Overall I like the suggestion. But why don't we give this a shot? It sounds really exciting and will reinvigorate the game.

  30. Totally agree with you ash. The time limit makes sense, I see a lot of other war youtubers making all these crazy soutions that would never happen. Glad to see you being real with us!

  31. Love the video and your ideas Ash! Supercell, please take notes.

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  33. I personally plan on having "Invitational arranged mini speed wars' Where we have a set number of players (lets say 3 or 5) come over to our clan and attack pre made bases (45min prep.. 10min if agreed to boost) and they attack "Live" so that it's guaranteed Fresh hit. And then the we have the same amount of players go over and visit their clan and do the same. It could all be recorded and voula' you have a speed mini tournament.

  34. I guess one reason I like prep day is studying the other sides bases. Isn't that what prep day is for? I am a semi-casual player and having a day to think about an attack is useful. So I don't like that suggestion. I am fine with a 48 hour freeze on bases. Or whatever they have to do to prevent "cracking" bases. But not really seeing why taking away scouting on prep day is a good idea. That would take away the anticipation and fun. Just my opinion.

  35. you are the best ash your videos have a lot of meaning and we love that and your ideas are absolutely brilliant

  36. And not scouting bases in war is a ridiculous option. Why do we even need a prep day then? And cool downs will alienate a large portion of the clash community.

  37. Couldn't of said it any better ???? love the vids man please keep posting CoC vids!

  38. I'm kinda surprised about the number of people whining about this upcoming update. Everyone is screaming for changes but when SC releases changes, people freak out on them. The majority of the players will not make replicas of their current war (spending hours on end) competitors. I am a huge war player but still think this is a great update.

  39. should be copy base but not the traps in it!!!!!!!!!

  40. Longer video than I had anticipated! The proposed fix starts around 9 minutes in 🙂 Thanks for watching guys!

  41. nice

  42. Clan is The Iron Borne. Just say johnywad invited ya if you ever wanna go to war with some solid clashes ????????????????????????clash and hash on ????????

  43. Love your vids an input ash. The game is coming back. I've been playing over two years now and our clan has been at it for as long as well. Mad a ton of good friends plus a lot of know each other in person. Anyways. We all watch your vids. Appreciate your time and effort and always positive attitude !! Thanks

  44. I think people are making this blown up lol. Its not going to be accurate at all. Th10/11 you NEED to have bombs/heroes/walls/defenses all the same as the base, and its not going to happen, so none of this "cracking" will be accurate in my opinion. also its going to be very time consuming having to have both players online to simulate on the base. Takes about 30min to build a base, let alone not having all the traps. So will 3 stars be more frequent, doubt it. but 2 stars might be easier but theyre so easy anyways

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