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  1. Well done

  2. Being able to create part of someones base on your th8 account will be helpful. You could create the part of the base you are going to queen walk to see what direction she is going to go. Also will be helpful in seeing where wall breakers will path.

  3. no need of preparation day to be 24 hours

  4. I was really happy and proud of SC and the community when there was a compromise made by SC that preserved war yet kept the most possible functionality of the feature. In the end the feature will be really awesome, I believe.

  5. all I ever wanted with friendly challenges, is to attack my friends and then get shit talking rights when I 3 star their bitch ass

  6. Nice. They heard our thoughts

  7. i agree to the terms and conditions. lol. i just luvd the way they counterd the possible exploitation way of the challenge feature. but 24 hrs just to stare at the farm bases. i hope prep day duration shuld be decreased. all in all i just luvd every new feature we getting . just luvd it.


  9. heather @ clash tutor came up with the idea for fixing the friendly challenge. u should give her some credit!

  10. Do you think they should add war standings or a ladder for respective categories for 10v10, 15v15, etc. ?

  11. Great news! So happy with this new direction supercell is going in listening to the war community- the ones who care most.

    Can't wait for this update!! Best I've felt an update ever!

  12. What's the point of having a 24 hour prep day? Seems pointless now

  13. Fears alleviated

  14. So pretty much you can still practice on th8 and below? I'm so confused…

  15. I like to fight right after clan war begin. but with this update i have 2 wait at least 1-2 hours – without boost. so maybe there's a smarter solution so that u can attack instant

  16. Good grief!!! It takes more than skill to three star a well designed th11. Anyone who says differently obviously doesn't know much about high level wars. Test bases out so you can design a base that can't be three starred without the ability to test an attack strategy. Defense defense defense. Stupidcell loves them some defense and hard core fp crybabies always get what they want.

  17. willyou be able to see traps in prep day

  18. Solid points gents! :-)

  19. I'm just glad SC heard our concerns and made adjustments to the friendly challenge. I guess I'll play this game a little longer now.

  20. all do respect but what point is prep day now except for filling cc's? you could find out hero lvls and so on by looking at their normal base/profile and this really makes prep day wasted time imo. in my clan prep day is where we break out the skitch and spam the group me chat with called bases/skitch plans/ feedback on both

  21. not being able to see the enemy's war base? NOW there is a bloody CHALLENGE. See, SC made wars much more enjoyable again, just as I wanted. Not in this way, but it works

  22. Why have 24 hours to prep for war? It has no purpose at all anymore and should be done away with. Make prep a couple hours and let us war more often.

  23. nice video, thanks

  24. Well, preparation day is now useless… and cannot prepare any attack before war's star, complete waste of time

  25. this sucks