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Friendly Wars = Arranged Wars? (October 2016 Update)

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  1. will i Be able to get in a friendly war while having a normal war in another clan?

  2. This feature would have been much better if there was a built-in balancing mechanism to allow for an even match-up. Supercell's decision to implement this as a "friendly" feature instead of a competitive one is a bit disappointing. The feature will be used a few times only as a novelty, with no long-term gameplay for most clans. Arranged war clans will use this, but they still have to balance the rosters themselves outside of the game which is a pain.

  3. As a FP community police I agree on the following statements made and your wisdom which you shared in this video, OneHive Gazette. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  4. CC troops are expended because supercells wants us to gem troops. This is more obvious especially for quick wars.

  5. Noah clashing hahaha lick my ass dude hahaha 

  6. in sneak peaks they didnt mention anything about bases .5 and engineres , so do do you think they will change the weight ?

  7. nah dont think my clan will use this at all…and many clans im intouch with wont use it, this is strictly for the war community

  8. I know that other youtubers have said that these wars will show up in your war log. That begs the question: will winning these wars affect a war win streak? People may be willing to abuse this to increase their streak..

  9. will we get war stars in profile with friendly wars? not cool that war ppl had to wait 24hrs prep day

  10. only youtubers care about this arranged war thing

  11. Tournaments could be set up more easily too.

  12. still no update about ENGINEERED CLAN problem?? otherwise the game will not be played in fair ground playing field!

  13. Good points.

  14. Do you know when is it?

  15. 1st

  16. Only downfall, you can't compare lineups

  17. 1st