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Gadi HH Visiting Clash With Cam!!! War Recap In BarbariaNParty

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  1. hy gadi, I'm italian and i follow you, sorry for my english.
    One question… for the Walking Queen what level she should is?

  2. Hey it's SmoggTV 😀 Great vid xD

  3. This was an awesome video!

  4. kids close your eyes…what about my ears lmao

  5. Cool vid but saw it like 2d ago he definitely posted it :)

  6. if u say a bad word I need to close my eyes?

  7. Bahaha kids close your eyes so you don't hear the bad word! Lol it was a funny comment tho

  8. Amazing videos man! keep it up :)

  9. who want to see (WinterNVRcame vs BarBariaNPartY) like if you want to see

  10. My 2 youtube favorites in clash of clan collaborate. Start a clan together already!

  11. 8:04 you told us to close our eyes lol

  12. cam and 3 star! :/

  13. Gadihhi will you ever play clash royals?? If you ever do, can I be in your clan please? I've already started and my deck is awesome

  14. Cam posted this 2 days ago. Still a good commentary!

  15. im also a subs of cam..i already watched his attack first on his channel..haha

  16. both my favourite youtubers

  17. Nice attacks ?

  18. Hey Gadi, big fan great to see one of our bases on here, even if they were getting crushed. We came out the victors and have a recap on our channel. Cam's clan was pretty decent.

  19. great vid dude ? and just great attacks you took into your vid

  20. We should arrange with them ?

  21. first lol