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Gemmed to Max Townhall 11!, Crazy Max Grand Warden – Clash of Clans

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  1. ohhh double 69

    that should be a thing on redtu…….. youtube i mean

  2. being back old picuture. this one confuses me lol

  3. niicceee brandooon!!!!i have a great idea for you!!!! so if you have 2 devices than you could play clash royale against your self:) thumbs up if you agree and if you think it would be cool!!!!!

  4. gj dude for making out your th11

  5. clã nova união Hur br

  6. Brandon, your channel has been growing at an exponential rate and I just would like to say congratulations. No matter how far you grow I just want to see if you still remember me, one of the OG people of this channel.

  7. Hi Brandon, it isnt really a challenge,

    but would you plz do a king, grand warden and queen walk from other sides and check how much % you will get :)

  8. can you max your minions please

  9. hi brandon, just a quick question for you. I am a townhall 9 with max defences and 250 level 9 walls, what is the fastest way to get my level 10 walls and heroes maxed out? thanks

  10. The minion 7?????

  11. You upgrade minion on lvl7 and You are maxed

  12. you are not a maxed th11! !!! you still need to Upgrade your minion! !!!

  13. so what does he do with his accounts

  14. 69% lol!! ???????????

  15. What is special about 69%????

  16. Brandon, what is your streaming schedule?

  17. Brandon complete all of your achievments

  18. hey bradon here's a challenge for you drink bleach haha no I'm kidding for a challenge you should do something like drop to zero trophies and push to champions league in one day

  19. new levels of inferno and mortar are coming , so your journey is not over yet?

  20. Do a series with upgrading defences first, rather than walls

  21. Why does the 200 club have 200 in their name?

  22. hey Brandon i love your accent bro and when you say super duper it actually sounds like sup-er Dubber lol …………

  23. congrats brandon for maxing out town hall 11

  24. Brandon, what are you gonna do when the update comes out? there gonna be more to max out. Are you just gonna add it in on the side of a video?

  25. did he upgrade his minions?

  26. hi Brandon can you show some good troop strategy for war I'm in TH 10 with level 15 and level 12 queen and king.

  27. Brandon you are insane

  28. make some giveaway

  29. Can you sponsor me free gems Brandon ?

  30. nice wow

  31. All you kids saying "first" ? Congratulations! Do you want a medal for it? No one cares except for yourself ??

  32. First time Brandon gems his building :)

  33. aye