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Gemming New Town Hall 11 Update, New Troops and Defenses – Clash of Clans

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  1. B

  2. you back in legend in 1 Day ?

  3. You should be more famous than this…. Come on!!!!

  4. nice

  5. Really enjoying the gemming you do for us!
    Keep it going, Brandon!


  7. update*

  8. WTF BECAUSE OF THE UPDATE THERE IS A MAJOR GLITCH!! I just started my valkyrie research before the updare and it restarts again from the start as soon as i get back to my village what to do??need help!!SUPERCELL!!

  9. i hate new looks of air defense

  10. Legend league 0_o

  11. "…the air defences have also changed their looks.We are not gonna look at it for too long,otherwise we would get hypnotized by those circles…"

  12. Brazil !!

  13. At 4:46 did he say "boner"?

  14. ur like best

  15. Why Brandon why

  16. Whahaha when he did that high "hooog riiiider"??

  17. new air defenese looks ugly

  18. i wish i was a famous youtuber free gems lol

  19. Do you play CR?

  20. why did u gem? you usually dont do that. Btw im latis100 from the stream?

  21. WTF dude u r beast in coc U are in legend leagues in just 1 day man u r great :D

  22. wtf?Legends

  23. People still play this game?? lmao

  24. Aqui é BR

  25. legends ?

  26. Quer virar meu pai não cara ? Pra me dar umas gemas ?

  27. Nice video Brandon… comes one more subscriber

  28. waw

  29. YEAH!

  30. brandon reached to legend during his 24h stream on twich :). I have always said that he is a legend!

  31. anyone else laugh at Brandon's impression of a hog rider whilst upgrading it lol

  32. Brandon is in legend how? How?

  33. Brandon How U go to Legend!!!

  34. I am disappointed = you lose 1 sub!

  35. wtf? you in legends?

  36. ?

  37. I gemmed the hole update to just could not be botherd to farm I like cr more now

  38. why you gemming resure? that is for noobs only and you are pro farmer… Dont gemm resurse pls anymore…

  39. I know why you gemmed becuse u don't really enjoy coc anymore ????☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹why ??

  40. lol legend ???

  41. Beautiful

  42. Brandon do u hack just wondering you are at 5k trophies in like 6 day how did u do that please answer

  43. Brandon do u hack just wondering you are at 5k trophies in like 6 day how did u do that please answer

  44. when have u come back in legend???

  45. Brandon r u even gonna play clash royale or stick to clash of clans.MEOW