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GIANT + BALLOON | HGB + BALLOON | Th9 New DEADLIEST 3 Stars WAR Strategy | Clash Of Clans

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  1. you're clan co leader kick me out

  2. bro souvik you're clan co leader kick me out

  3. im th9 héroes 19-20

  4. ransouvi accept my request to your clan I'm mohamed bin ض pls

  5. hey ransouvi, want to join ur new clan.

  6. ransouvi tell me best attack statergy for war which i have troops barb level 6 archer level 6 giant level 6 wizard level 5 goblin level 5 wall breaker level 5 healer level 4 dragon level 4 pekka level 3 baby dragon level 2 baloon level 6 golem 1 hogs 5 withc 1 lava 1 minnion 1 valkyrie 1 spells heal 4 lighting 5 range 4 freeze and jump 1 all de spells 1 archer queen 10 barbarian king 6 plz tell me which is best statergy in this level troops for war th9 thnx

  7. so tell the troops in cc which can be given by town hall 9's

  8. in my clan no town hall 10 is there

  9. Terrifying attack lasted G this ??? Lake

  10. nice combo bro…u awesome

  11. thnx for this videos

  12. Souvik, unable to join back.. my trophies are at 1600.. ask someone to reduce

  13. nice

  14. this is luck not in strategy lol????

  15. nice

  16. Great strategy man and video as well I like the content as well, keep up the good work

  17. friend , what are the names of the songs used in your videos?

  18. sub! 🙂

  19. gr8 video + nice strategy

  20. It's not really GIANT + BALLOON. The main purpose and key is for you to have maxed Bowlers in your CC, and that is the main reason to how and why you were even able to get rid of the 4 ADs, in the first place. Without the maxed Bowlers donated to your clan castle, you wouldn't even have this base 3 starred at all.

    1) The giants are great in its distraction,
    2) The balloons are mainly used for clean up, which is a great strategy even in GoWiPe + Balloons.

    However, your main priority and key to this strategy was mainly your bowlers. This is not a new strategy, but the same as everyone else's. So, awesome find on this new "strat," Ransouvi.

    – A.T.

  21. ransouvi u also know that ur attacks r good but people r leaving ur clan just becoz u make strategies with bowler and u have 25+ th9 in ur clan…..

    bro plz make a troop combination without using bowler….. miner will also work

  22. besst player continue bro

  23. My base was easily destroyed, Hahaha
    Nice Video Souvik

  24. That war attack was awesome

  25. cómo se llama la música de fondo

  26. Niicceee