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Gods Of Olympus | HADES UPDATE | SNEAK PEEK 1 [Monument, Temple, House Gameplay]

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  1. the last E in Aphrodite is silent, its not Aphroditee also its not Arees its pronounced Ares like Aris

  2. Great video Ash!

  3. Does someone plays this shit? Loool

  4. Can't wait for sneak peak 2

  5. How grindy is this game? I dont want this to take as long it takes to get to th11 safely

  6. when does this game come out on android

  7. Hey Ash, curious if you have ever played vainglory? If you have what do you think of it, who are your favourite heroes? Thought of this because Gods of Olympus is a new game to me! Keep up the great videos man.

  8. is this game currently only for iOS?

  9. OMG!! I'm second in comment list! ?

  10. 4th

  11. third

  12. second

  13. first