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Godson Accidently Shows Modding Replay & Your New Years Resolutions ♦ Clash of Clans

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  1. I can't believe that! Wow! That makes me upset, why should I play when there is a lot of players using mod to be on the top of the game. Supercell should do something about it, but I think it won't :/
    Nice video Jesse, like!


  3. my new years resolution is to get vlad dracula

  4. I dnt even know what that is lol!!!first I've ever heard of it

  5. I love your nids too!

  6. Well spotted that modder should be banned for life I wonder if supercell will even do anything.
    I just want to get to 500 subs by the end of the year over my 2 channels as I started a new channel just to do my xbox games on Called Ratman Gamer.

  7. woah!! I don't know that guy but wow is he proud to cheat

  8. Love how you said million at the beginning haha

  9. Sherlock captain clash just found a hacker! Good job! 🙂 My resolution would prolly be make more consistent videos.

  10. cheaters can and do win :D


  12. guys shut up nodding with mod is not real!all attacks done don't really happen and you don't get loot by them so shut up.Espici)y this you tuber stop stalking people bitch.

  13. so godson was moving or the guy who attack

  14. I want to go to lvl 9 town hall for this year

  15. This guy made a big mistake

  16. When I saw this and the intro I was like,"Woah Godson hacking?!?!?!?" I went a little crazy until I got to the point where one of his viewers was hacking XD. Also I didn't listen to the intro correctly xD

  17. Have you played clash Royale?

  18. I used to use it but stopped…it has a major setback on war can attack someone in war without it counting but no traps so you get a 3 star but then you attack for real and its a whole new world and you fail. Dont use it you'll suck at wars if you do.Somethimes it even screws you over and changes the oponents war base on the ghost attack

  19. he hacked?

  20. this is sort of what happend in war, some one attacked me and all my traps just popped up.

  21. hahaha you got him lol

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