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GOHO is Back at TH9! | GOHO + BOWLER | Th9 New 3 Stars war Strategy | Clash Of Clans

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  1. Amo seu canal…comparlhei no grp watsap do clan. "Adultos OnLine" Br

  2. to 1500 i wanna join

  3. souvik lower your clan troopy to 1500 because someone kickout me and i wanna join again

  4. Everyone doesnt have access to bowler

  5. I will join ur clan soon. My in game name is : Sir . My current clan is Addicted 2 COC

  6. Heyy bro i wanna join ur clan plzz let me know how can i join ur clan

  7. Souvik, post a strat video on Stoned GoHoBo..

  8. Wow ! Finally an attack strategy that fits my troops levels !! Thnx a lot Ransouvi :)

  9. kaise ho ransavi

  10. hello bhai

  11. Yeah its goboho I'm using it very often now :D

  12. manna. gr8 video bro. watch mine.

  13. Very good! Try stoned GoHoBo with no baby drags. The 2 golems can be deployed wider and a 3rd to help tank as they move in…

  14. I think it's GOBOHO . GOBOHO has been there for sometime now

  15. I always liked these troops for attacking. Good

  16. OMG !!!!

  17. hi

  18. …….

  19. loved your vid man u really put work into this video

  20. Try some attack without bowlers on TH9