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GoLaLoon More Viable After Balance!? Th9 Strategy Focus in Clash of Clans

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  1. Nice

  2. hey ash would you like to make a guide attack style for th 8.5/ th9 low level hero? my hero still 10/5 hahhhaha thanks

  3. Just want to ask something to you guys. Do you still join clan wars even with incomplete heroes? And if you do, do you still plan to 3-star your target or 2 stars is already acceptable?

  4. Help me win a bet? Hey guys, i've had a bet with my boss about me hitting 800 subs by end of the weekend. I don't like to do this but an extra weeks vacation is at stake here 😉 ant help getting those last few subs would be amazing! Thank you!

  5. no offence but that first hghb would have failed pre update! :'D

  6. can you guys please say what is Hghv?

  7. Can u make a th8 and th9 clan? And can I get dibs

  8. I always give u first dislike of your video ??

  9. What font and effects do you us to get the Clash with Ash text in the outro?

  10. Cannon damage at level 11 really isn't that more powerful now. It's negligible.

  11. I want to join your clan T_T

  12. under 2o mins ?

  13. love Air raid Ash… people are exposing Air defenses more & more.. I'm at TH 9 and I'm always looking for a way to hit every base by air.. not always viable , but , si much more fun than the normal ground attack. Keep the Air strategies coming plz.. thnx

  14. Ash do u think the clone spell could be useful in air raids. If they reduce the housing space down to 2 or 3 because it's not useful at the moment. takes way too much space it need some tlc. thx and keep us updated

  15. Did a pretty sweet zapquake QW drag lalo today. With 7drags 2 loons and Cc hound.

  16. So if the new meta will soon be to put SAMs on the outside, does that mean that baby dragons will be useless?

  17. air was the bread amd butter for me back then hopefully it'll make a comeback

  18. the first attack failed bc it was a shit atttack.. wtf was the hog placement?!?

  19. Wow, I had the same idea. I was telling my clan just before the update that they need to polish up their air attacks. I am glad others are getting into them as well. Good luck y'all. ???

  20. Nice to see some diversity at TH9, as sad as I am that my TH10 QW took a bit of a beating in the balance changes it'll be fun to find some other attacks of my TH9 account!

  21. Air = Pro #KingsRock

  22. Awesome video !

  23. Golaloon is by far my favorite strategy, and my best. I was excited the second i saw the balance changes cause i knew it would give me an excuse to use it a little more.

  24. hey, ash, try the HPHB Strategy and do some guide for me, thanks I love you!! ??

  25. Hey if anyone is interested in joining my clan, it's called "Freedom Ringers". We're on a 9 win streak! This will be the only time I'll advertise my clan on Ash's channel. I'm not a spammer lol I'm sure some idiot is going to comment something condescending. But anyway, we are recruiting nonrushed people! Thanks! Great video btw Ash! I'll share it to my clan

  26. I have done 2 6 Star Wars in a row since the nerf with golaloon

  27. Hey Ash! Please reply back to me

  28. Ash! Please reply back to me

  29. th8 attack strategy pleae in next video!!

  30. Last time I was this early , NewYork still had 2 towers

  31. Hey Ash! Thanks for the TH9 video… The meta for pushing is baby dragon to get the % from the th11's and for war I think the meta hasnt changed yet