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GoVaHo. Hogs + Valks. Low Hero Attacks. Max TH9. Fail/Clean. Clash of Clans

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  1. That first attack was just poor in every respect.

  2. is baby dragon good for war cast

  3. Found your channel from a thread in forum and I'm pleased. War channels are so focused in max level queen walk and random anti 3 bases but most of us usually face typical symmetrical bases and our heroes are not high either. Keep doing the good work.

  4. Please keep the low hero videos coming? It really helps to see the Do's and Don't's of the attack.

  5. whats the best troop comp to do govaho unreinforced and how to use it in multiplay

  6. what moment you need to have 1 golem 2 golem 3 golem ? lit me i'm lodt

  7. also my heroes are not that high as well so I love to see you getting a triple on a base

  8. Man I absolutely love your videos bro!! I'm a th9 and the detail you use to explain really really helps keep up the good work. ..I subscribed yesterday

  9. nice

  10. thanks man I love it after all up dates no one is helping the little guy hope to keep seeing it

  11. nice video…

  12. Hey, saw that you have upgraded to TH 10 finally! Your thoughts on the TH 9 meta post- update and the update in general?