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GoVaHo vs POPULAR PCB. UPDATE TH9 MAX WAR ATTACK. Clash of Clans. Hogs Valks

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  1. Dude you do these 3 star attacks as if they are just rushed poor bases but in reality they are maxed out most or all the time. I have been following your videos since a month or so and i would like to say that i simply like how you make things so so easy. But sadly things don't go well enough for me in Goho or pretty much any attacks. I am quite new to th9 heroes lvl10 heroes lvl5 hogs lvl2 gollem etc etc and i have only 3 starred a good th9 base only a couple of times during my 20 wars outing . :(

  2. Will you be going to th10 with your main now that it's maxed? I have you all bookmarked for when I need to move on from my clan. I can't get your queen pop to work for me, for nothin! But I'm having great luck with the govaho. Last war I surgical dropped all my hogs into all four bombs though….. That was embarrassing. Looking forward to joining very soon, to learn and war with you. Heroes 20/20, 80 lava's. Maxed troops and defenses.

  3. Man I absolutely love it. Great video. You've been using 1 golem for your valk attacks and it's so eye opening. Meant to ask you if you would ever watch one of my attacks if I put the link here for you. I don't do any commentary but I upload some of my better ones. Thanks again great content

  4. New favorite clash YouTuber. Subscribed.

  5. the jump was a little off.. so that's why the king didn't take the wizard.. the gold storage was weird yeah, I also think the xbow seemed closer, but maybe xbow out of range of sight? and if so the storage it's closest without having to break walls

  6. one of these days kings !!!!!
    lol .
    three valks made the job u needed i think
    nice attack

  7. Hounds are USELESS!!

  8. Wow!! WTF that was weird!!