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  1. hey man thank you so much for helping me get back into clash. after i saw your video from the clash facebook page i realised that i was doing too many attacks wrong. so thank you for opening my eyes. i wanted to ask a question about queen walk please. so for th 10 you say walk parallel to the line drawn from inferno to inferno right? what do i do when the line is parallel to a corner. where do i start the walk and where do i walk to. please help and clear this up. Thanks so much i love your channel and im trying to get all my clan mates watching it too. +Powerbang Gaming

  2. Hey man wondering if you had any new ideas for TH9 war attacks, I've been trying a few out but not quite mastered. I'm sick of using valks just getting repetitive!

  3. Will this work on anti-2 star bases?

  4. Is the one wb mandatory. I personally don't think so.

  5. Guys, I was really excited about the friend challenge, but I haven't even used it once because my clan mates don't even get on

    And the ones that do are town halls 7 and 8

    Are there any clans out there that let people join for mainly friendly challenges and practice attacks?

  6. love your video's but most of us don't have baby dragons gemmed yet, OR have them to level 3.  Love your video's but sort of impractical at the moment.  How about showing one from the clan with someone using level 1 baby drags?

  7. It looks good for adaptation as a TH9 on TH10 2 Star option too, at least against cored xbows/ADs.

  8. Adjusting the build for camp space, do you think this could be used as a th9 to reliably 2star th10s?

  9. VaGiNer attack is my new favorite. Tried that one? Easy two.

  10. im renaming it to Vaby Bang Attack!

  11. Two star? Anyone can two star. Noobish

  12. Just watched my first powerbang video. Subscribed 1 min into the video. Great job. Would love to see more videos on our new troops!

  13. #TPO 2

  14. Nice vid, cool strategy. My barracks isnt even done yet after the update, still 5 days left-which is where you should be without gems… How many gems did you burn to get them to lvl 3?!

  15. this is gonna be kinda sketchy with golem ccs

  16. nooooooooooooo………vaby drag…really.

  17. i like the idea of 14 baby drag as initial attack. but i think this doesnt work well againt circle base as the valks will go around the core.

  18. "Vaping Drag"

  19. Powerbang I love this and will try it in my next war. on a side note, is it me or have  you noticed the healers are not as strong as before the update, my recent queen walks have been disastrous even on dead bases, as a test I went up against 2 gold cannons and one green archer tower with a lvl 40 queen and 4 max  healers my queen was down before she could destroy any of those three defenses, anyone else see this.thanks

  20. With those same troops….. Do u think it could work th9 vs 11..?

  21. Hey PB you know i was on the stream the other day just chillin and i asked you where to find good th9 bases and you told me to find older stream of you but they are so many which one is it

  22. new subscriber, love the channel

  23. how good does it work on ring bases ?

  24. when it comes to mrs pb… do you whf?

  25. Awesome vid. Will you post a longer recap on the war against emphatic elite?

  26. WHERE IS AUSSIETRON's attack!!???

  27. Thank you for this. As a 9.5 this would work well for me farming against th10-11s

  28. great strat on th11s …good work fella ..well done

  29. PowerBang eres de mis youtubers favoritos te preguntaba si haras un video en el que digas como hacer un diseño anti 3 estrellas es que el que tenias esta un poco anticuado

  30. Lol.. The 11s in my clan can 11 our opposing 11s… No need for 10 going 11 but.. I might suggest doing that on a base that is just impossible to get 3…. I'm using baby drags to funnel or when the valk part of my raid is getting over, I will deploy miners with baby drags.. Pretty OP…. Also baby drags are good in defending..

  31. Try valks and miners!

  32. vaby drab lol i like it

  33. Maybe it just works on anti 3 star bases…

  34. Awesome guide! Thanks! Just gotta get the baby drags and miners lol

  35. hey Powerbank Can i join your clan

  36. I understand it's only for a 1-2 star against a town hall 11 but do you think it's doable for a 3 star against a town hall 10 or not good enough?

  37. Hey PB, do u have any tips on how Th9s can beat Th10s. I'm up in Champions 2 and it's been pretty hard for me to attack Th10s with Valks. Thanks!!!

  38. does it work with lvl 1 drags and one level lower valks if you have GW with you? since its pretty early to have higher level bdrags right after the update. even barracks are still in upgrade.

  39. "VABY DRAG" gj pb

  40. good as video

  41. can u show some th9 2 staring th11s?

  42. Thanks for the vid! Great strat t for 10s hitting up. I have to do this in my current war… unfortunately my target is a ring base and I don't see this strat working for that type of layout. It seems from your video that you need to control pathing of valks with jump or EQ… not going to work on ring setups i don't think.

  43. ok. i just have to wait till i have those lvl upped baby dragons. 😀 so i can use this strat a month later.