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GWEN The Sniper! // Vainglory // New Hero

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  1. make it more

  2. 12:40 he had a pot of 420 at the bottom right of the screen!

  3. love it when nick plays vain glory

  4. At least im better than nick in one game xD

  5. If anyone wants to see some more experienced gameplay peep my channel

  6. Play Marcel contest of champions man or at least try it it's fun

  7. I have had one game with her, and she is so fun :D

  8. can u make more vainglory

  9. Gg nick

  10. Is my comments section broken

  11. crystal is sooo much better, never go recommend…


  13. My vainglory ign ProphetHunter… Discord ProphetHunter#9638

  14. sup im masterROSHIBA

  15. i am RumbleyTg

  16. you should play leaguw of legends for pc its so much fun and similar to thos game

  17. You pick ur role properly its annoying when u do that

  18. this game looks very much Heroes of the storm from blizzard, but its mobile so yea

  19. I am sure many others will also agree with me as well. pls like so he will see this!!!!!

  20. Nick please play more Vain, and please play as Baron. I really like the videos because they are funny and i like to see you bring entertainment for games like this. Also I really like the game and want to see more videos of you playing it. 🙂 :)

  21. why don't you have more VG. it's your best game tbh. POST MORE PLEASE

  22. 1:45 Luckily she is easy… Lol

  23. Dat ass tho

  24. finally a vain glory video

  25. That game is the same as league of legends

  26. That was a fun vid