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GWEN The Sniper! // Vainglory // New Hero

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  1. make it more´╗┐

  2. 12:40 he had a pot of 420 at the bottom right of the screen!´╗┐

  3. love it when nick plays vain glory´╗┐

  4. At least im better than nick in one game xD´╗┐

  5. If anyone wants to see some more experienced gameplay peep my channel´╗┐

  6. Play Marcel contest of champions man or at least try it it's fun´╗┐

  7. I have had one game with her, and she is so fun :D´╗┐

  8. can u make more vainglory´╗┐

  9. Gg nick´╗┐

  10. Is my comments section broken´╗┐

  11. crystal is sooo much better, never go recommend…´╗┐


  13. My vainglory ign ProphetHunter… Discord ProphetHunter#9638´╗┐

  14. sup im masterROSHIBA´╗┐

  15. i am RumbleyTg´╗┐

  16. you should play leaguw of legends for pc its so much fun and similar to thos game´╗┐

  17. You pick ur role properly its annoying when u do that´╗┐

  18. this game looks very much Heroes of the storm from blizzard, but its mobile so yea´╗┐

  19. I am sure many others will also agree with me as well. pls like so he will see this!!!!!´╗┐

  20. Nick please play more Vain, and please play as Baron. I really like the videos because they are funny and i like to see you bring entertainment for games like this. Also I really like the game and want to see more videos of you playing it. ­čÖé :)´╗┐

  21. why don't you have more VG. it's your best game tbh. POST MORE PLEASE´╗┐

  22. 1:45 Luckily she is easy… Lol´╗┐

  23. Dat ass tho´╗┐

  24. finally a vain glory video´╗┐

  25. That game is the same as league of legends´╗┐

  26. That was a fun vid´╗┐