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Hacking clash of clans/ with clashing with Jon

  1. #showmethehack

  2. jon how can i do that please tell me

  3. That shitty quality lol….get money and stop advertising your shit channel on Clash with Cam's channel
    typical 8 year olds lol
    Go back to studying or run back to your mom
    You call this hacks? more like private server
    hope your channels burns to the ground

  4. Did you just change the IP of the game ??

  5. who can i hack

  6. can I tell u something

  7. nice video bro did you do that…pls tell me!!

  8. Lol, I know how to do this 🙂 Great video!

  9. #howdidyouhackthegame

  10. how did u do that bro came from twigz

  11. how did u do that

  12. well not really hacking

  13. tell me how u like it and plz leava a like