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HACKING TROLL.Clash of clans

  1. u suck. pepole if u guys want to sub to mine that will be cool thx guys

  2. Ya suck

  3. Everyone commenting "I'm from ssundee your stupid go kill yourself" and bs like that… YOU'RE GIVING THIS STUPID KID WHAT HE WANTS. YOU CLICKED THE VIDEO. YOU GAVE HIM THE VIEW.


  5. title unrelated to video. stop making these videos dumb cunt, im flagging these vids, hope others do the same

  6. you post the same vid over and over. U cant talk and ur balls are smaller than your yt channel. stop making vids

  7. in ssundee comment

  8. you suck no comment to say watch your video

  9. just quit telling people to watch ur crap on ssundee's comments

  10. if its crap stop playing it

  11. U fucking suck

  12. New Vid Being uploading

  13. I'm a town hall 8 bruh

  14. DOnt mumble we cant hear u

  15. Today we are gonna play some crap- Uh clash of clans

  16. DUMBBBBBBB!!!!