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Hay Day Sneak Peek – New Crops Onions & Tea Leaves

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  1. por que todo tiene que ser en ingles es que solo hay gente que habla ingles o que que mamera alguien podría decirme cuando es la nueva actualización

  2. phien bản viêt nam có câp nhật mới này ko ạ?

  3. It would be cool if we had chocolate dipped fruits

  4. I would like to join your neighbourhood please kick someone which is not playing the Derby and put the level in to level 38 so i can join

  5. they're probably level 80 to use

  6. I am sure there will be a new production building,The Teapot.What do you think Ricky?

  7. so cool
    xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

  8. When I saw the sneak peek I feel so happy because I love tea…

  9. Hii, can I join in your grup on facebook "HayDayTradingPost". Im low level and I need so many items to upgrade my farm faster…:D GREETINGS FROM CROATIA……and waiting for the update! :)