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Hay Day Update – June 2016 Sneak Peek 1 – Fruit Trees – Peach and Oranges

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  1. When does the update come out

  2. ???? u scred me r3d never have your sound full blast guys btw nice video r3d

  3. Can u recommend what is the best way to spend diamonds and what is the best thing you can produce and sell in shop? Greetings from Croatia, I hope you'll give me some kind of advice :)

  4. I hope they will also add new machines

  5. your gay

  6. Why do you still have ios 8?

  7. Yay !! i love oranges and peaches !! you're awesome ricky, i like your channel and commentary

  8. Hey it's Josefin. Loved this video, thank you?

  9. I can't wait maybe there is going to be new machines

  10. oh !! WOW ! Look At That Personal Message From The Hay Day Team to you in Your Game News Ricky !!! WOW ! 🙂 😉 Awesome !! :
    " Hi Ricky And Viewers ! We From The Hay Day Team would like to thank you for the great job with the stream ! Keep up the good . " That's Awesome Ricky ! Well Done ! Good Job ! Great ! 🙂 ;)

  11. There's nothing I enjoy more than your commentary Ricky ?

  12. waiting for update

  13. Ricky, from when did you start being on so much on kamcord and less on youtube?

  14. Yay! Finnaly the one I have been waiting for!